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AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics) is a mega-corporation and main antagonist faction in Marvel's Avengers. Through pioneering in cutting-edge technology, AIM seeks to save the world through the power of science, rejecting what they call "fallible heroes".


Advanced Idea Mechanics was founded by George Tarleton shortly after receiving his Doctorate at "Grad School". With help from Monica Rappaccini, he set up within the San Francisco, investigating new formers of clean energy sources. After discovering Terrigen crystals in the bay, the group experimented with them to discover their properties. At some point, AIM employed Emil Blonsky as a security guard, though he later became the head of security after helping protect them from various threats.

At some point, Rappaccini approached former classmate and Avengers member Bruce Banner, presenting their findings with the Terrigen crystals. Though him, they were able to receive funding from Stark Industries and SHIELD, which improved their resources considerably. In return, AIM would serve as subsidiary to both and help them in Research and Development.

Events of MA: The Extinction Key[]

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After A-Day[]

Though partially responsible for A-Day, Tarleton, Rappaccini and AIM were able to avoid the fallout of the A-Day tragedy. After the government liquidation of Stark Industries and SHIELD, they worked with Justin Hammer to claim their assets. These included the Olympia Archive and Avengers Tower, both of which were repurposed into a gamma laboratory and the company's headquarters, respectively. However, Monica secretly gathered evidence of Hammer's illegal activities and, after gaining substantial information, blackmailed him into giving her Hammer Industries. With Tarleton's help, they reformed all the companies into subsidiaries of AIM.

Using its resources, Tarleton spread his belief that science is the solution to the world's problems and promised that AIM would make the people safe from Inhumans. To further these, he spread the belief that they were merely a disease and that the company would find a cure. Using their resources, AIM created ways to detect Inhumans, imprisoning them within laboratories and facilities. The company would use many of them as test subjects for various cures, including DARK Terrigen.

AIM also developed various forms of robots that perform public service duties and Inhuman surveillance. These included Synthoids, Drones, and Riotbots. Rappaccini herself also worked on power-replicating robots called Adaptoids, receiving help from mercenary Tony Masters / Taskmaster to perfect them.

Working on the satellite Ambrosia, she also developed her regenerative serum there, secretly using the DNA of the presumed-dead Captain America as a base for it. Five years after A-Day, AIM were now the most powerful megacorporation within the United States, operating in every state and internationally.


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  • In Marvel Comics, Advanced Idea Mechanics (A.I.M.) first appeared in Strange Tales #146 (July, 1966). Composed of various scientists specializing in different fields of science, the group is mainly a terrorist organization, seeking world-domination and to overthrow all governments across the Earth. A.I.M. is also associated with fellow terrorist group HYDRA, with some of its original members, such as Wolfgang von Strucker, also being members of the organization. A.I.M. often is associated with many Earth-based superheroes' rogues galleries, though is more heavily associated with Iron Man, Captain America, Ant-Man and the Avengers' enemies.

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