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Alisande Morales is an SHIELD faction coordinator in Marvel's Avengers. She can be found on the Command Deck of the Chimera and later at the command center of SHIELD Substation Zero.


Alisande Morales joined SHIELD either before A-Day or the Avengers reassembled. She, like the rest of the organization, went underground after they were linked to the Terrigen reactor that destroyed San Francisco. Under the direction of Maria Hill, Alisande helped investigate Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM) and their various experiments.

Events of Marvel's Avengers[]


Along with Chastity McBryde and Sidney "Gaffer" Levine, Morales were sent to the Chimera to act as envoys to the Avengers. She arrived shorty after Iron Man obtained the necessary materials to constructed a new suit. Morales provided the Avengers with SHIELD assignments and tasks for SHIELD.

Taking AIM[]

When Tachyon Rifts began occurring around the Earth, Morales returned to SHIELD Substation Zero to investigate. After Maria Hill briefed the team on the outcome, she passed over information about one of them and asked them to investigate.


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