Marvel's Avengers Wiki

Artifacts are special pieces of gear that enhance the Avengers' power. They also grant unique and high quality gameplay perks.

Major Artifacts[]

Major artifacts add a flat power bonus to a hero's overall power level as well as certain combat advantages. They are shared between heroes, and once a major artifact has been found, it can be equipped by any available hero, though each must power it up separately.

Minor Artifacts[]

Minor artifacts factor into the power level of a hero. The first minor artifact slot is unlocked from the beginning. The second slot unlocks at hero level 15.

  • Iso-8 Shards: come in a multitude of colors, corresponding to the primary attribute that it boosts when equipped
    • Colors: Black (resilience), Blue (precision), Orange, Prismatic, Yellow (might)
    • Effects
      • Fire Resistance: % damage reduction from all Plasma damage attacks
      • Gamma Resistance: % damage reduction from all Gamma damage attacks
      • Heroic Assistance: increases charge rate of Heroic Support ability by %
  • Norn Stones
    • Effects
      • Prismatic Catalyst: % increased XP gains from all sources
      • Shield Catalyst: % increase to SHIELD faction XP
      • Avid Collector: % increased chance to find comic books in strongboxes
      • Bountiful: % chance to receive additional rewards from any strongbox