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Assignments are specific tasks the Avengers can complete alongside any mission to earn Faction experience. They can be found on a tab under Objectives in the JARVIS menu in-game.

Different Factions each have their own in-game Coordinator at their respective Outpost who give daily and weekly assignments that help increase your level with their faction. The higher your faction level, the more Gear and Artifacts the Faction vendors will give you access to. Faction items rotate daily and weekly. Make sure to go grab all your Faction dailies when you login, because they can be completed as you play through other missions.

Assignment Types[]


Conquer: complete a War Zone

Assignment harvest.png

Harvest: collect the given Resource from various sources


Honor: gain experience


Showcase: perform special moves, or rescue allies

Assignment terminate.png

Terminate: defeat specific enemy types


Toil: open strongboxes

Assignment triumph.png

Triumph: complete War Zones on Challenge Rating III or higher

Assignment vanquish.png

Vanquish: defeat enemies in a specific way