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The Avengers are the protagonists of Marvel's Avengers. As a squad of some of the Earth's mightiest heroes, they work together to battle threats they cannot face alone.


Assembled during a confrontation with Loki, the Avengers formed to protect the Earth and its citizens from various criminals and international threats. Its roster included Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Thor and Hulk. Ant-Man was also a member of the team, though left due to pressure from Stark. Carol Danvers was also an ally and a member, using the mantles of both Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel. At some point, Barton also left the team, possibly to train fellow archer Kate Bishop to become his successor.

Road to A-Day[]

Prior to A-Day, the Avengers fought the Lethal Legion as they attempted to rob a SHIELD shipment. Together, the group were able to defeat them, though struggled due to the criminals using Stark Industries technology. With help from Black Widow and Banner, Iron Man eventually learned that the group had acquired it from Spymaster, who had been able to access them by exploiting a security measure placed by Fury.

At some point later, Iron Man, Banner and Thor experimented with portal technology as a method of transporting themselves around the universe. However, interference from Loki brought the group into conflict, resulting in a fight between Odinson and the Hulk. Eventually, Thor quickly learned of the ruse and exposed Loki, though this caused public concern about them and potential dangers around the Avengers.

Fighting the Zodiac[]

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Events of Marvel's Avengers[]

Rise of AIM[]


On the anniversary of their foundation, the Avengers planned a celebration to commemorate the event. These included opening their West Coast Headquarters in San Francisco and revealing their own helicarrier, the Chimera, along with its Terrigen reactor. Among these were plans to pick a fan's story of them and a VIP section, only accessible for those who gathered enough comics. Among the Avengers present were Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow and Bruce Banner. According to Rogers, Captain Marvel was still a member at the time, though was off-world during the event.

However, during the midst of celebrations, Taskmaster and his mercenaries attacked the Golden Gate Bridge, leading the team, aside from Rogers, to be drawn away to combat the threat. The Avengers worked together to reduce casualties and defeat the group, taking on a variety of stolen SHIELD equipment, such as Pulsar Tanks and a Sonic Bomb. Masters was eventually defeated by Widow, though the team quickly realized it had been a diversion.

On the Chimera, Captain America discovered that Masters had sent mercenaries to attack the helicarrier, leading to a fight between them and its security protocols to be activated. Whilst in mid-flight, the Terrigen reactor began to react with something in the bay, causing massive damage to the Chimera, earthquakes through the area and Terrigen mists to form. In a last ditch effort to stop the reaction, Cap destroyed the reactor, leading the Chimera to crash and his apparent death. The other Avengers watched in horror from the Golden Gate Bridge, unable to return in time or do anything to stop it.

As the Terrigen Mists flooded San Francisco, the surviving Avengers attempted to mitigate the damage and rescue as many civilians as possible. Despite this, they were unable to stop much of the disaster, including the mist flooding San Francisco and turning many individuals into Inhumans.

The Fallout[]

In the weeks after the disaster, the Avengers became the main scapegoats for the disaster, with government officials, journalists and the public blaming them for the event. These were further increased when AIM scientists George Tarleton and Monica Rappaccini, both of whom had worked on the Terrigen Reactor for them, submitted reports claiming that Stark had ignored warning reports about the reactors. This led to the US senate deciding to investigate the team further and determine whether the Avengers should continue to defend the country or to disband the team. At some point before these proceedings, Thor, blaming himself for not saving Rogers, decided to leave the team and protecting Earth, leaving his hammer Mjolnir at the Captain America statue in Heroes Park.

As the investigations took place, the remaining Avengers were brought up to give testimony. Both Stark and Romanoff tried to defend the team and tried to argue that they would never endanger civilians. However, Banner, due to insecurities about the Hulk and manipulations by Monica, testified that they did pose a threat and were responsible. This ultimately led the Avengers to officially disband, with each going their separate ways.

Five years after A-Day, the Avengers remained fragmented with very little contact with each other over the years. In addition, their actions and role were used by the government to outlaw superheroes. In addition, organizations, like AIM, had begun to in A-Day had been overexposed, primarily by AIM and its allies within the government. These had led congress to effectively outlaw all superheroes, forcing many to go underground.

By this time, Banner had lost control of the Hulk, spending more time as "the Big Guy" and living in the decommissioned remains of The Chimera. Stark had retreated to his family's Golden Acres estate, with very little contact with the outside world. Pym, having worked for AIM until discovering their experimentation on Inhumans, had become the leader of the Resistance, creating a sanctuary for both them and sympathizers. Romanoff had also joined as an anonymous hacker called "Tiny Dancer", though had undercover in AIM to provide info and investigate both Tarleton and Rappaccini's roles in A-Day.

Thor had become a volunteer doctor and set to helping others in New York. Barton and Bishop both joined SHIELD and investigated the disappearance of Nick Fury. However, the former was captured by AIM investigating a lead, leading the latter to become strained from the organization. Unknown to all, Rogers had survived the crash and in AIM's custody, being held in suspended animation on the satellite Ambrosia. Using samples she'd taken from him, Rappaccini had created a Regenerative Formula, which she used to both treat and experiment on Tarleton.


After discovering Stark's login had not been removed from seized Stark Industries assets and be used to access sensative data, Romanoff posted it to a Resistance blog to see whether anyone could successfully break in. This challenge was ultimately met by Kamala Khan, an attendee of A-Day who had received Inhuman powers. Despite being discovered by Tarleton and AIM, Khan was able to retrieve a seemingly corrupted video of him sealing Captain America in the Chimera's reactor room. Though Romanoff attempted to meet with her, Khan was forced to flee her hometown after outing herself as an Inhuman and AIM's subsequent pursuit of her.

Hoping to find the Resistance, Khan travelled to the Chimera's remains to discover Hulk had taken residence there. After fighting off pursuing AIM robots together, Kamala was able to show Banner the video and convince him to help her. Deciding to find Stark to help her investigate, the two travelled to the Olympia Archive to retrieve JARVIS's files, during which they fought through a local AIM facility and the Abomination. After reactivating JARVIS in the Chimera's War Table, Banner and Khan collected a Neural Uplink from a SHIELD vault, which brought them back into contact with the spy agency.

Locating Stark at Golden Acres, Khan and Banner were able to acquire his help after showing him the video, during which Tony realized it was actually encrypted. Alerted by "Tiny Dancer" that AIM had located them, the group fought of Tarleton and his sent forces before returning to the Chimera. After Stark constructed a new Iron Man armor to use, the group set about to repair the Chimera before AIM attacked again. Needing Initiator Cores to fix the engines, Stark attacked a New York facility while Khan and Banner investigated a power signature in the Utah Deserts, hoping to find the need components. The former mission resulted in the recovery of an Arc Reactor to power the Chimera, whilst the latter brought the team into contact with Pym and the Resistance. In return for the Initiator Cores, the Avengers seized evidence of Inhuman experimentation from an AIM facility.

After Kamala was captured trying to break into AIM's Black Mesa prison facility, Romanoff was forced to blow her cover to rescue both her and the Inhuman prisoners. During the fight, she fought and defeated Rappaccini, taking her into custody. The reassembled Avengers helped evacuate the prisoners in The Chimera and attempted to interrogate Monica on the location of the Adaptoid labs. When Tarleton and AIM attacked the helicarrier, the team worked together to fight off the forces. During it, Thor returned to help fight the attacking forces and minimize the damage, even stopping the Chimera from crashing into New York. However, the team were unable to stop Rappaccini from escaping and were later blamed for the ensuring chaos by the public.

As the team assembled, JARVIS finished decrypting the video for the group to watch. To their shock and horror, they learned that Rogers had not only ordered Tarleton to seal him in but also had destroyed the reactor. This caused brewing tensions between Banner and Stark to reach their boiling point, causing them to fight. Thor, Romanoff and the assembled allies also left during the fight to avoid the chaos. Determined to continue, Kamala continued by investigating Rappaccini's interrogation. After connecting one of her comments to something she'd seen whilst captured, Khan realized that the lab was hidden on the Ambrosia satellite. In a heartfelt speech, she convinced the team to continue the investigation, leading Stark, Banner and Romanoff to help her investigate.

Together, the team decided to revive one of Stark's abandoned Iron Man suits to get him to the station and investigate it. Requiring Pym Particles to shrink the necessary components, they arranged with Pym and the Resistance to retrieve them from AIM's Meridian facility. After protecting the Ant Hill from an AIM Warbot, Iron Man finished the suit and investigated Ambrosia. Onboard, he discovered Rogers and freed him from cryogenic storage. After Rappaccini activated the satellite's self-destruct, they managed to escape via onboard pods and brought back to Earth by Thor. Upon his return, Roger revealed the reasons behind destroying the reactor and team deduced that Monica had hired Taskmaster, thus was responsible for A-Day.

After detecting a Warship in Manhattan's airspace, the Avengers investigated and fought forces in the area. Discovering that the Warship was spreading a deadly modified version of Terrigen mist, they destroyed the ship and traced its origin point from the San Francisco Quarantine Zone. Deducing that Tarleton was planning to wipe out all Inhumans around the world, the Avengers set out to stop the signal and defeat the insane scientist. Whilst Cap deactivated the signal, the team worked to free the Inhuman captives and deactivate its security systems.

Eventually tracing it to the facility's excavation site, the Avengers were confronted by Tarleton, horrendously mutated and calling himself "MODOK". Whilst Kamala and Hulk worked to free the Inhumans, Cap, Thor, Iron Man and Widow worked together to battle him and AIM, targeting his weaknesses and trying to bypass his defenses. Eventually, MODOK used his powers to summon the object in the bay, an ancient Kree Sentry, and used it to draw Stark and Thor away from the battle. After Widow destroyed his power-enhancing technology, Tarleton transferred himself into the Sentry's head and defeated Hulk. Leaping into the battle, Kamala embiggened herself to its size and defeated the Sentry, causing MODOK to fall into the bay. Their mission successful, the Avengers returned to the Chimera and later dropped her off home to reunite with her family.

War Against AIM[]

Some time after defeating MODOK, the Avengers learned that Rappaccini had been promoted to AIM's Scientist Supreme. In addition, the group helped their allies in various conflicts, helping SHIELD recover missing protocols from hidden vaults and rescuing Inhumans for the Resistance. Kamala, now using the alias "Ms. Marvel", joined the team on these missions. The Avengers also learned AIM's Hives facilities and that Rappaccini's experiments with cloning technology. They also confronted their own personal challenges with the help of their teammates. After raiding a large Mega-Hive and defeating a clone of Rappaccini, the team decided to induct Kamala as an official Avenger, recognizing what she'd helped reassemble the team.

Expanding Forces[]

Reuniting with the Hawkeyes[]

Some time after defeating MODOK, the Avengers learned from SHIELD that Tachyon Rifts had been occurring across the Earth. While investigating one in the Pacific Northwest Wilderness, they encountered Kate Bishop, Hawkeye's protégé and their former associate. After helping her defeat AIM's response team, the Avengers reunited with her at SHIELD Substation Zero. Through their briefing, the Avengers learned that Clint had been captured by AIM while investigating Nick Fury's disappearance. Having tracked his disappearance to experiments undertaken by Lyle Getz, the team agreed to help Kate capture the scientist and rescue Hawkeye. In private, Stark approached her and offered her place on team, though she was reluctant to accept.

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Investigating the Future[]

Several weeks after retrieving Hawkeye, the Avengers noticed that the Tachyon storms had not stopped since they had stopped Rappaccini. When Barton awakened from his coma, the team helped him retrieve data he'd gathered from his Brooklyn apartment, battling both AIM and the Watchdogs sent to retrieve them. Though they failed to stop the theft of most of the data, they helped rescue Lucky and prevent the groups from kidnapping the building's tenants.

Through the information they'd collected, the Avengers learned that a Time Bridge in the future had been activated and decided to investigate to find Fury. With Pym and the Resistance's help, they modified a Quinjet protect them from the energy effects. Both Hawkeye and Kate decided to spearhead the team. Upon arrival, the Avengers learned that Earth had been transformed into an unending wasteland populated by damaged AIM robots and very few survivors. They also encountered an older Taskmater, who'd begun working for a person known simply as the Supreme Leader. During the battle, the group were saved by an elderly version of Hawkeye.

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Final Confrontation with Rappaccini[]

At some point after their missions in the Kree Timeline, the Avengers learned that Monica had successfully created a Comic Cube through the technology provided by her counterpart. Tracking her to an AIM facility, the Avengers raided the facility and attempted to destroy the cube. Eventually, Rappaccini entered the fight, using the Comic Cube create armies of clones and channel cosmic energy. With the help of the Older Hawkeye, the Avengers defeated Rappaccini, causing her and the future Barton to disappear. The Avengers retrieved the cube, leaving it in Pym and the Resistance's custody.

Aiding Wakanda[]

The Avengers is in a middle of chasing one of AIM's troops in the air. However, they accidentally trespassed Wakanda and being purposedly being lured there by AIM and its hired associates Ulysses Klaue and Crossbones, with the enemies are at a same time trying to steal Wakandan Vibranium from the kingdom. Because of Captain America's return, Wakanda immediately accepts Avengers' help against AIM's expanded army, with Black Panther as the leader and Captain America as a second-in command for this operation.

When Klaue kidnaps one of Wakanda's top Vibranium researchers and lure Shuri, Black Panther and his team attempt to save the hostages before Shuri arrived. However, Klaue already knew Panther's movement, and purposely kills the three hostaged scientists in front of Panther. Shuri later found a last transmission between AIM and Klaue's Company, and reveal to the team that Monica is alive through residing in a third body via second cloning. Although Klaue's action on murdering Wakanda's scientists instead of kidnapping for them cause a fall out between him and AIM, the Avengers must not hesitate to stop both enemy factions.

The Avengers confronts Klaue and destroyed his devices before the vibranium mine is destroyed and had its rocks being stolen. Klaue's blast on Panther at close-range cause the former fall into the pit of sound energy radiation, and resurface as an energy being made of sound, now refer himself as simply "Klaw". To defeat Klaw and saved Wakanda, Panther finally learns from Shuri to have a faith on a circle of trust on their people at Wakanda and their sworn-allies, just as Captain America wished for. At cost of Golden City's energy barrier to weakened Klaw while the people can hold off against AIM, the Avengers fights off both Klaw and Crossbones quickly. As Klaw is dying because of the state he is in, Crossbones left him, giving Avengers a quick advantage to defeat him. Finally, with Klaw is destroyed, the Golden City's barrier re-activate again, and possibly captures the remaining AIM soldiers who are still at the city.

On the next day, Black Panther is finally relieve from his duty as a Wakandan king, announcing his people that he officially joins the Avengers against AIM and upcoming alien invasion of Kree army, and enthrone Shuri as a successor to the throne.

Klaw's Return[]

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