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Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff) is a playable character in Marvel's Avengers. She also serves as the main protagonist of the prequel comic MA: Black Widow #1, and the tritagonist of Reassemble campaign operation.


Early Life[]

Originating from Russia, Natasha Romanoff was selected to become a spy at the age of five. Trained in the Red Room program, she learned various skills in espionage and combat. During her time in training, Natasha learned not to make friends or trust anyone, including her comrades. Natasha was also taught ballet by Special Services agent Iosif Stepanov, who treated her kindly compared to her other trainers. In her later life, Natasha regarded him as her best teacher. As she grew up, she developed her own form of combat, mixing the skills Stepanov had taught her with various martial arts.

Upon reaching adulthood, Natasha was cleared to operate for their government. Given the codename "Black Widow", she operated around the world on various missions, posing a ballet dancer. At some point, Natasha learned that Stepanov had been captured by the organization SHIELD for acting as a mule for a diamond smuggling operation. This, coupled with disillusionment with the Russian government, led her to defect to the organization. Though genuine on her alignment, Natasha secretly planned to help him escape and settle down far from any governments' reach. Despite her past, she was allowed to join and train as an officer. Though she agreed with the government's ideals, Natasha refused to follow them blindly.

Road to A-Day[]

Events of MA: Black Widow[]

After joining, Romanoff was trained as an officer under the direction of Nick Fury. Unlike the other recruits, she kept her previous codename, though this gained suspicions from the others. After a session where she defeated ten of the agency's best agents, Fury assigned her to under further training under the direction of officer Tony Masters. Within days, she realized he matched her abilities during fights, due to his photographic memory and pension of mimicking fighting styles.

When Hydra agents were transferred to the helicarrier, Natasha prepared to break Iosif out, stealing security codes for the cells. However, the night she was planning, a riot ensued, forcing her to deal with it. Natasha was able to defeat the group just before Fury and the other SHIELD agents arrive to help. As Fury attempted to make the agents stand down, Masters refused, blaming her for the riot.

As he presented evidence against her, Natasha realized he had mimicked her ballet abilities to slip past the security lasers, planning to blame her for the riot. Realizing he would have a height difference, she quickly deduced that be burned his shoulder and used a hidden blade to remove his pad. As Masters called for her arrest, Natasha revealed the deductions and his injury to Fury. As Masters fled, she fought and overpowered him, but was unable to stop his escape.

After watching him leave, Fury revealed he knew of Natasha had stolen the codes and confronted her on the intent. Reluctantly, she revealed her intentions to release just Stepanov and her connection to him. In return for her honesty, Fury released him and allowed her to set him up under a false identity.

Five years later, Romanoff had become a member of the Avengers, working alongside Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Thor and the Hulk. She had also entered a relationship with Barton, though it ended at some point. Black Widow also developed a rivalry with Masters, now a mercenary calling himself "Taskmaster".

Events of MA: Iron Man[]

When the Lethal Legion attacked a secret SHIELD shipment, Black Widow was among the Avengers to respond. During the battle, she engaged Whirlwind and subdued Beetle. Natasha regarded the Legion as tough, but commented that the Avengers had been "sloppy" during the fight.

During training, Natasha consulted Stark on how his technology could be stolen. Using the opportunity, she confronted him on Stark Industries' work with weapons technology and how he had turned a blind eye, believing that many would want him dead for its usage. When Stark revealed that the most likely place would be his labs, Natasha commented that the technology was likely being stolen there. This ultimately led him to uncovering the true culprit and discovering the flaw he exploited.

Events of MA: The Extinction Key[]

As a part of a sting operation with SHIELD, Natasha went undercover as an antiquities buyer to capture an artifacts smuggler. Though heavily disguised, she worried that her cover would be blown easily due to her work with the Avengers. Meeting with the smuggler at his office, Natasha claimed to be doing business for another client. After identifying a stolen artifact, she blew her cover and incapacitated him and the guards sent to stop her. Interrogating the man, Natasha learned that he was doing business with a criminal called Capricorn and his connections to a powerful organization. As she began to take him into custody, she was ambushed by an unknown attacker, who murdered the smuggler.

Missing information.

Events of Marvel's Avengers[]


Natasha was among the Avengers present during the A-Day celebrations in San Francisco, alongside Rogers, Stark, Banner and Thor. Whilst searching for the latter to begin the main event, she was introduced to Kamala Khan by Cap, who's story she complemented. After finding Thor, the group assembled for the event, alongside Doctor George Tarleton and Monica Rappaccini.

After a series of explosions went off across the Golden Gate Bridge, Black Widow took the Quinjet with Banner. After learning that the Chimera's security protocols had been activated, she attempted to return, but was ordered to go to the battle. After dropping Hulk into the battle, Widow parked the Quinjet and enter the battle, losing communications with Cap.

After learning that a Sonic Bomb was being brought into the fight, Widow recognized the driver and the leader as Taskmaster. Whilst the other Avengers contained the chaos, she chased after Masters, leading to a confrontation across the bridge. After taking out his jetpack, Widow fought and defeated Masters, using her Veil of Shadows to catch him off guard. After disarming the bomb, she and the other Avengers could only watch as the Chimera reacted with something in the San Francisco bay, causing a massive Earthquake that damage the city and released Terrigen Mists. Natasha watched in horror as the Chimera crashed, presumably taking Rogers with it.

After A-Day[]

After A-Day, Natasha was unofficially designated the leader of the Avengers. She brought before the US Senate to defend the Avengers' actions during A-Day, during which she informed them how Thor had left the team out of guilt. After Bruce testified that the Avengers posed a threat to society, Natasha disappeared, presumably to go into hiding. However, she continued various investigations, many of which were gathered by Monica Rappaccini.

At some point, Natasha infiltrated the organization Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM) under the identity of "Dr. Yelena Belova". During her time there, she investigated Tarleton and Rappaccini, believing that they may have been responsible for A-Day. Natasha also became involved with the Resistance, led by former Avenger Hank Pym. Under the alias "Tiny Dancer", she acted as an information broker to the group, passing on information about captive Inhumans and their experiments. Natasha also suggested the name Ant Hill for the Resistance's base, a small tribute to Pym's days as "Ant-Man".

Reassembling the Avengers[]

After discovering that AIM had not removed Stark's login credentials, Natasha posted it on a Resistance blog in the hopes of someone being able to guess her former teammate's password. This challenge was met by a now teenaged Kamala, though she was only able to retrieve a seemingly corrupted video of Tarleton sealing Captain America into the Chimera's reactor room. Having learned that Tarleton and Rappaccini were after her, Natasha, as Tiny Dancer, attempted to arrange a meetup at Heroes Park. However, Kamala and her Inhuman status were reported to AIM by a group of youths, leading to it being intercepted.

A disguised Natasha was briefly seen by Kamala while fleeing Heroes Park. As she was chased by AIM's Synthoids, Widow tried to contact and rescue her, but was mistaken for one of their agents. Kamala only learned of her true alignment after catching a glimpse of her fighting the robots, but was unable to reach her.

Natasha kept an eye on Kamala as she contacted Banner and Stark to show them the footage retrieved. After learning that AIM had located them at Golden Acres, she sent them a message warning them of the attack. This allowed them time to prepare and Stark to construct his makeshift Iron Man costume.

When Kamala was captured during a failed rescue mission attempt of AIM's Inhuman prisoners from Black Mesa, Natasha was asked by Pym to rescue her. With no other choice but to blow her cover, she broke into the facility and the laboratories, during which she uncovered evidence of Inhuman experimentation. Fighting her way through the facility's forces, including the newly activated Adaptoids, Natasha orchestrated a prison break, freeing the prisoners. As she made her way to the exit, Monica confronted her in an Exo Suit. After a lengthy battle, Widow defeated the former ally.

With the Resistance and the Avengers convening to rescue the prisoners, Widow searched for Kamala, finding her staying put near the cells. Learning she was doubting her actions, Natasha reassured her and told she was already a hero, needing to convince only herself. During it, she also revealed her identity as "Tiny Dancer", convincing the teenager to escape with them. As the Chimera arrived, she reunited with Bruce and Stark, both also learning her role within the Resistance.

Joining the team on the rebuilt Chimera, Natasha took up residence in her old quarters and began planning with the other reassembled Avengers to expose AIM's experiments at the AIM Experience. Answering a call from Pym, she transferred information on potential defectors from the company and checked on Bruce before he interrogated Monica. During the conversation, Natasha warned him that she would try to manipulate him, warning that their relationship might not have been genuine on her side. After ensuring that the SHIELD agents were prepared for a potential breakout, she joined Tony and Kamala in the observation room.

As Bruce's interrogation finished unsuccessfully, Natasha made her way to the Quinjet when Tarleton and AIM attacked the Chimera. Using it, she dealt with a battalion of gunships whilst the others protected it from sent forces and provided surveillance for the team on their attacks. When Thor returned to help them, Widow greeted him and told him to focus on the attacking Quad Mechs. After the fight, she grouped with the others on the Command Deck.

When Thor confronted them for putting civilians at risk, Natasha confronted him on not fighting against AIM. However, the argument was stopped by Banner, who explained their motives to the Asgardian. With the footage decrypted she helped retrieve, Natasha watched in horror as they learned that Cap had smashed the reactor and Tarleton was truly innocent. As Bruce and Tony began to argue over the discovery and her hope in exposing AIM shattered, she and Thor left the Chimera, going their separate ways.

Some time later, Natasha heard Kamala's speech to the Avengers, asking them to help her uncover a potential lead. Her hope restored, she contacted the team when they asked Pym for some of his particles, promising to help steal them from the secure Meridian research facility. Using her access, Widow helped the team break into the holding area and steal the Pym Particles. Afterwards, she joined the rest to protect the Ant Hill from a Warbot sent to destroy it.

Returning to the Chimera, Natasha stayed onboard whilst Iron Man investigated the satellite Ambrosia, returning with Thor and a living Captain America. Briefed on the latter's imprisonment by AIM, she reunited with him at his quarters. Still in shock from the revelations, she was reassured by Rogers that the secret was well hidden by Rappaccini. Quickly, she realized that Monica had hired Taskmaster to steal the Terrigen Crystals, thus responsible for A-Day. As Rogers expressed regret for his actions, Natasha reassured him that she'd have done the same in his place. Interrupted by Kamala, they joined the rest of the Avengers at the War Table and vowed to expose AIM's actions to the public.

Confronting MODOK[]

Whilst monitoring communications, Widow learned that a flying object was heading to Manhattan. Informing Cap, they decided to check it out, leading to a confrontation between them and the Watchdogs. They also fought against the object, an AIM Warship, and learned it was spreading a modified strain of Terrigen. After defeating it, Widow and the others learned that it had been part of a armada that Tarleton had released to take out all Inhumans around the world.

Realizing that Tarleton's plan would kill those with Inhuman genes, regardless of whether they went through Terrigenesis, the Avengers tracked the source of the plan to the San Francisco Quarantine Zone. Outfitted with new outfits created by Stark, Widow and Kamala separated from the others to open the base, with Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and Hulk providing a distractions for them. During the fight, they learned that Tarleton had lost his sanity and begun calling himself "MODOK", due to discoveries he'd made around Monica's experiments on him. Widow was able to break open the security, though Rogers was able to get inside.

After discovering that the transmission signal was being produced in the facility's excavation zone, Black Widow and the Avengers assembled at the excavation site, where MODOK had been waiting for them. Nat joined Cap and Thor in confronting him, staying with the former to fight him whilst the other either evacuated Inhuman prisoners or confronted his Kree Sentry. When Rogers was incapacitated by MODOK, Widow continued the fight and destroyed his power enhancing technology. However, she was forced to give up when he retreated to the Sentry's head to pilot it, granting him further enhanced abilities. Natasha's words to her during the Black Mesa convinced Kamala to push herself past the limits and embiggen herself to take on the Sentry and defeat it herself.

When they returned to the Chimera, Natasha was among the team when Kamala regained consciousness after passing out from embiggening. She called her actions "pretty badass" and gave her a fist-bump. At Bruce's request, Natasha gave him and Kamala some privacy to talk alone.

Reigning Supreme[]

Some time later, the Avengers were contacted by Maria Hill, who informed them on Rappaccini's promotion to Scientist Supreme and asked them to help continue their fight against AIM. During the encounter, Black Widow began helping dissilusioned AIM scientists defect, though only for financial payments. After a mission in the Canadian ocean, she finally let the other Avengers know she'd been taking them to refund victims of A-Day and their affected families. After taking on a large AIM Hive together, Widow and the other Avengers decided to allow Kamala to join them. She assembled with the rest of the team to inform her of the decision.

Taking AIM[]

When the Avengers reunited with Kate Bishop, Natasha was shocked to learn that AIM had been captured Hawkeye and she'd not learned about it. Along with the team, she helped capture Lyle Getz and steal blueprints for AIM's Time Bridge technology. After they rescued Barton from a possible future, Natasha joined the other Avengers in welcoming him back. Learning about the Kree Empire's upcoming invasion, she tried to learn when it was scheduled to take place, though he did not know. When Clint fell comatose during the briefing, Natasha ordered Bruce to get the medics whilst she tried to help revive him.

Future Imperfect[]

Several weeks after he'd gone into the coma, Natasha visited Clint to discover him conscious. After letting him know how long he'd been out, their discussion was interrupted by the sudden arrival of Kate. Asking whether he needed anything, Natasha left the room to allow them to catch up. She presumably helped him and the other Avengers investigate the Kree Timeline's Wastelands and search for Nick Fury. Black Widow also helped in the battle against Rappaccini after she created the Cosmic Cube.

Red Room Takeover[]

Missing information.

War for Wakanda[]

Missing information.


Black Widow is mostly a light-weighted ground-based character, due to her limited regular aerial attacks, such as her regular aerial light attack strings are divekicks.

  • Guns: Black Widow can equip and use a variety of firearms. She is also one of the only characters who can switch ammos, using the D-Pad. Black Widow can reload her guns by aiming and pressing Button PS4 Square.png/Button Xbox X.png.
    • Pistols: ranged attack; hold [L2]/[LT] to aim and press [R2]/[RT] to shoot. Inflicts medium damage and semi-automatic.
    • Full Auto: ranged attack; hold both [L2]/[LT] and [R2]/[RT] to keep shooting. Inflicts low damage and is automatic.
    • High Caliber: ranged attack: hold [L2]/[LT] to aim and press [R2]/[RT] to shoot. Inflicts high damage and can break through enemies' guard or shields. It can also break breakable floors in more than one time.
  • Widow's Line: press Button PS4 Cross.png/Button Xbox A.png while in midair to fire a grappling hook towards nearby ledges or poles; pole connections trigger a swing, and connecting to ledges will cause Widow to quickly zip towards them
  • Offensive Grapple: Black Widow can use her Widow's Line to latch onto enemies and pull her towards them. She can also use them to counter attacks with light or medium attacks (blue or yellow indicators, sometimes red against some enemies); press [R2]/[RT] to use Widow's Line offensively or counter attacks
  • Door Hacking: Black Widow can hack into doors via nearby consoles, allowing her to unlock them. Hold Button PS4 Square.png/Button Xbox X.png near the door's console.
  • Power Surge: ultimate heroic ability [L1+R1]/[LB+RB]; shock-powered attack mode; special light and heavy attacks while active
  • Widow's Bite: assault heroic ability [R1]/[RB]; variable payload wrist dart; fire electrostatic bolts that do heavy Shock damage and immobilize nearby enemies
  • Veil of Shadows: support heroic ability [L1]/[LB]; throw down a cloaking grenade making self and all nearby teammates invisible and lose aggro


Name Type Description
Martial Art Light Attack Press Button PS4 Square.png/Button Xbox X.png to lash out with various hand-to-hand attacks. Rapidly press Button PS4 Square.png/Button Xbox X.png (x5) to combo a series of Light Attacks that inflict increasing damage.
Damage: Increases Per Hit
Impact: Low
Stun: Low
Reactions: Normal, Launch
Pounce Aerial Light Attack Press Button PS4 Square.png/Button Xbox X.png while in midair to execute a diving kick attack. Rapidly press Button PS4 Square.png/Button Xbox X.png (x3) while airborne to combo a series of rapid kicks that ends in an overhead flip attack.
Damage: Low
Impact: Low
Stun: Medium
Reactions: Normal
Spider Sweep Signature Attack Hold Button PS4 Square.png/Button Xbox X.png to execute a dexterous sweeping kick that knocks down enemies, making them vulnerable to additional attacks.
Guard: Breaks Block
Damage: Medium
Impact: Medium
Stun: Medium
Reactions: Knockdown
Cyclone Kick Light Dodge Attack Press Button PS4 Square.png/Button Xbox X.png quickly after Dodging to execute a whirling kick.
Damage: Low
Impact: Medium
Stun: Medium
Reactions: Stagger
Splinter Kick Light Sprint Attack Press Button PS4 Square.png/Button Xbox X.png while sprinting to perform a swift kick that spins enemies, leaving them vulnerable to follow-up attacks.
Damage: Low
Impact: Low
Stun: Medium
Reactions: Spin
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Name Type Description
Nightstick Heavy Attack Press Button PS4 Triangle.png/Button Xbox Y.png to perform a Heavy Attack. Rapidly press Button PS4 Triangle.png/Button Xbox Y.png (x3) to execute a combo of Heavy Attack that inflict increasingly more Stun damage.

The last of the combo is a Heavy Combo Finisher that inflicts significant damage.

Damage: Medium, Impact Medium, Stun Medium, Reactions Stagger

Spinning Fury Aerial Heavy Attack Press Button PS4 Triangle.png/Button Xbox Y.png in midair to perform a spinning baton attack that knocks enemies to the ground.

Damage: Medium, Impact Medium, Stun Medium, Reactions Slam

Back Alley Gambit Heavy Dodge Attack Press Button PS4 Triangle.png/Button Xbox Y.png after Dodging to perform a baton slam with long-range reach.

Damage: Medium, Impact Medium, Stun Medium, Reactions Slam

Impact Grenade Power Attack Hold Button PS4 Triangle.png/Button Xbox Y.png while on the ground to toss an instantly-detonating concussion grenade that can launch nearby enemeis into the air.

Guard: Breaks Block, Damage: High, Impact High, Stun Medium, Reactions Launch

Night Watch Aerial Power Attack While in midair, hold Button PS4 Triangle.png/Button Xbox Y.png to perform a heavy baton slam.

Guard: Breaks Block, Damage: Medium, Impact Medium, Stun Medium, Reactions Flyback

Baton Strike Heavy Attack Upgrade Rapidly press Button PS4 Square.png/Button Xbox X.png (x4) Button PS4 Triangle.png/Button Xbox Y.png to chain the Light Attack combo into a Heavy Combo Finisher that slams into the ground and sends targets flying.

Guard: Breaks Block, Damage: High, Impact High, Stun Medium, Reactions Flyback

Madripoor Special Heavy Sprint Attack Press Button PS4 Triangle.png/Button Xbox Y.png while sprinting to perform a powerful kick that sends enemies reeling.

Damage: Medium, Impact Low, Stun High, Reactions Knockback

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Name Type Description Damage Impact Stun Reactions
Pistol Shot Hold L2/LT to aim and then press R2/RT to fire dual pistols. Press square while aiming to reload.
Full-Auto Shot Extended magazine and a full-auto trigger system allow for pistols to be fired at an extremely high rate. Hold L2/LT to aim in, then hold R2/RT to fire a continuous stream of bullets that decrease in accuracy the longer R2/RT is held. Switch to Full-Auto Shots with left d-pad and right d-pad.
Bullet Storm Hold L2 and R2/LT and RT to charge up a Ranged Power Attack. Release R2/RT once charged to fire a high damage burst of bullets.
High-Caliber Shot Dual Pistols are swapped out for a single, high-calibre pistol that has considerable stopping power. Hold to L2/LT to aim, then press R2/RT to fire. Switch to high-calibre shots with left d-pad and right d-pad.
Rain Maker Increases magazine size for Full-Auto Shot pistols by 20 rounds.
Ammo Overload Increases ammo capacity of the pistol magazine by 4 rounds.
Perforator When using high-calibre shot, hold R2/RT to charge up an ionized projectile that pierces through targets, allowing for multiple enemies to be hit with a single shot.
Stun Rounds Increases Stun damage dealt by Full-Auto Shot rounds by 15%.
Extended Clip Increases the maximum ammo capacity of the High-Calibre Shot pistol by 2 shots.
Polygonal Rifling Increases critical attack damage dealt by a High-Calibre Shot by 10%.
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Name Type Description
Widow's Line Movement Press Button PS4 Cross.png/Button Xbox A.png while in midair to fire a grappling hook towards nearby ledges or poles. Pole connections trigger a swing while connecting to ledges, which will cause Widow to quickly zip towards them. Valid connection points are indicated with a HUD maker.
Widow's Line Defensive Press [R2]/[RT] to fire the Widow’s Line and quickly zip towards targets. Automatically executes an explosive strike that hits nearby combatants at the end of the attack. Can be performed at close range to counter melee attacks.
Dodge Evasion Press Button PS4 Circle.png/Button Xbox B.png to Dodge an incoming attack. Dodging just before an incoming attack lands will execute a Perfect Dodge. Quickly press Circle/B again while Dodging to perform a longer distance Evade.
Power Line Movement Hold Button PS4 Cross.png/Button Xbox A.png while using Widow’s Line to launch off of ledges and poles with increased force, quickly travelling greater distances.
Widow's Sting Defensive Press [R2]/[RT] just before an incoming attack lands to fire Widow’s Line and successfully Parry the incoming attack, avoiding damage and sending out a forceful explosion that hits enemies in a large radius. Enemies who have been parried will have their impact resistance temporarily reduced, making them easier to interrupt.
Operative's Feint Evasion Hold Button PS4 Circle.png/Button Xbox B.png when near an enemy to Vault over the target, leaving them momentarily unable to attack. Hold the left stick towards a desired combatant to Vault over a specific enemy.
Whiplash Defensive After pressing [R2]/[RT] to Parry an incoming attack with Widows Line, quickly press Button PS4 Triangle.png/Button Xbox Y.png to execute an acrobatic chokehold maneuver that devastates all nearby enemies.
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Name Type Description
Veil Of Shadows Support Heroic Press L1 to turn invisible by throwing down a short-range cloaking device that also temporarily makes all team members in proximity invisible. Invisible players can’t be tracked and lose all aggro.

Guard: Breaks Block, Damage: Medium, Impact High, Stun Low, Reactions Stagger

Unseen Fate Upgrade Enemies with low health that are affected by Veil of Shadows are instantly susceptible to Takedowns.
Shadow Walker Upgrade Defeating enemies while in Veil of Shadows is active will extend the duration of the ability by 1.2 seconds
Veil Of Shadows Specialization I Specialization Choose 1 of 3 options to modify Heroic abilities:
  • Dark Thorn: 20% increased damage to nearby enemies when activating VEIL OF SHADOWS.
  • Night Terror: Increases the duration of Veil of Shadows by 3 seconds and increases Critical Attack Chance by 25%.
  • Shadow Gifts: Enemies Defeated while Veil of Shadows is active have a 35% chance to drop Heroic Orbs.
Veil of Shadows Specialization II Specialization Choose 1 of 3 options to modify Heroic abilities:
  • Eclipse: Increases range of Veil of Shadows by 30%.
  • Visus Obscuram: Increases the duration that teammates remain invisible after being cloaked by Veil of Shadows by 5 seconds.
  • Mortal Cloak: Increases Critical Attack Chance for teammates cloaked by Veil of Shadows by 30
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Name Type Description
Widow's Bite Assault Heroic Press R1 to fire an electrostatic dart that inflicts repeated bursts of Shock damage and immobilizes enemies near the impact point.
Second Sting Upgrade Hold an additional Widow’s Bite dart. Extra charge of the ability are shown as dots next to the Heroic meter.
Wrist of Stingers Upgrade Hold a second additional Widow’s Bite dart. Extra charges of the ability are shown as dots next to the Heroic meter. Second Sting is required.
Widow's Bite Specialization I Specialization Choose 1 of 3 options to modify Heroic abilities:
  • Superstatic Dart: Increases the range of the electric field generated by Widow’s Bite by 35%.
  • Taser Dart: Widow’s Bite projectile attaches to the target instead of exploding and deals Shock damage.
  • Lightning Fist: Channels Widow’s Bite energy back into the gauntlet and turns the Heroic ability into a lightning fast melee attack that sends nearby enemies flying. Increases the charge of the Assault Heroic meter.
Widow's Bite Specialization II Specialization Choose 1 of 3 options to modify Heroic abilities:
  • Paralyzing Bite: Widow’s Bite inflicts 40% more Stun damage increasing the chance to Stun enemies.
  • Invigorating Bite: Defeating at least one enemy with Widow’s Bite will recharge 20% of the Heroic energy for that ability.
  • Lethal Bite: Hold an additional Widow’s Bite charge. Extra charges appear as small circles near the Assault heroic ability meter.
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Name Type Description
Power Surge Ultimate Heroic Press [L1+R1]/[LB+RB] to enter a specialized attack stance that deploys an energized baton staff for assaulting multiple enemies with special Light and Heavy attacks that deal Shock damage. Power Surge also provides a 15% reduction to incoming damage.
Pistol Surge Upgrade Pistol damage and reload speed is increased 20%. Additionally, the Ranged Power Attack charge time is slightly reduced.
Maelstrom Upgrade Hold Button PS4 Square.png/Button Xbox X.png while Power Surge is active to perform a sweeping staff attack that interrupts most attacks.
Light Storm Upgrade Hold Button PS4 Square.png/Button Xbox X.png while in midair to perform to perform a spinning staff attack that sends enemies flying.
Power Surge Specialization I Specialization Choose 1 of 3 options:
  • Galvanic Bite: Increases damage of Widow’s Bite while Power Surge is active by 20%.
  • Power Staff: 35% increased damage for staff attacks while Overcharged while Power Surge ability is active.
  • Vanquishing Surge: Defeating enemies while Power Surge is active has a 15% chance to drop Regen Packs for all team members.
Power Surge Specialization II Specialization Choose 1 of 3 options:
  • Kilowatt: Increases Stun damage while Power Surge is active by 30%.
  • Power Grid: Extends the duration of Power Surge by 4 seconds.
  • Indomitable Force: Increase the damage resistance to 30%, and reduce the severity of hit reactions for some enemy attacks when Power Surge is active.
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Name Type Description
Shadow Ops Attacking enemies without taking damage boosts the energy of an intrinsic Shadow Ops meter. Filling this intrinsic meter triggers an Overcharge state, increasing all damage by 20%.
Espionage Increases the amount of intrinsic Shadow Ops energy granted from attacking by 15%.
Deception Perfect Evading incoming attacks grants 15 points intrinsic Shadow Ops energy.
Subversion Critical Attacks grant 15% more intrinsic Shadow Ops energy.
Femme Fatale Increases critical Attack Chance when intrinsic ability is Overcharged by 15%.
Smoke Grenade While Overcharged, hold triangle to toss modified Impact Grenades that trigger a burst of cloaking nanites, instantly activting invisibility. Drains all intrinsic energy when used.
Escape Artist Increases the duration of Invisibility caused by the Smoke Grenade ability by 2 seconds.
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Name Type Description
Intrinsic Charge Specialization Choose 1 of 3 options:
  • Intrinsic Charge: All attacks increase the charge rate of the intrinsic Shadow Ops meter by 15%
  • Headshot Charge: Headshot boost intrinsic Shadow Ops energy by 25 points
  • Takedown Charge: Takedowns boost an increased amount of intrinsic Shadow Ops energy by 20 points
Overcharge Damage Specialization Choose 1 of 3 options:
  • Overcharge Damage: Increases all damage while Overcharged by 5%
  • Overcharge Ranged: Increases Ranged Attack damage while Overcharged by 10%
  • Overcharge Critical: Increases Critical Attack damage while Overcharged by 15%
Overcharge Specialization Choose 1 of 3 options:
  • Willpower Overcharge: Recover 1 point of Willpower when dealing damage when Overcharged.
  • Efficient Overcharge: Increases the delay by 1 second before intrinsic Shadow Ops energy begins to deplete when not attacking enemies.
  • Heroic Overcharge: Increases the rate at which Heroic energy recharges while Overcharged by 15%.
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Name Type Description
Grenade Type Specialization Choose 1 of 3 options:
  • Hazard Grenade: All grenades leave a lingering hazard zone around their detonation location that inflict increased Status damage.
  • Proximity Grenade: Grenades have a delayed detonation, exploding when enemies are nearby.
  • Cluster Grenade: Throws a spread of three grenades that inflict damage over a wider area.
Grenade Status Specialization Choose 1 of 3 options:
  • Thermite Grenade: Adds significant Plasma damage to grenades.
  • Flash Freeze Grenade: Adds significant Cryo damage to grenades.
  • Voltaic Grenade: Adds significant Shock damage to grenades.
Pistol Specialization Choose 1 of 3 options:
  • Fast Reload: Increases reload speed by 15%
  • Recoil Compensator: Reduces shot recoil by 15%, allowing for a steadier aim.
  • Extended Magazine: Increases the magazine size of all pistol variants decreasing reload frequency.
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Name Type Description
Stealth Attack Specialization Choose 1 of 3 options:
  • Invisible Stun: Increases Stun damage while invisible 15%.
  • Invisible Ranged: Increases Ranged Attack damage while invisible by 12%.
  • Invisible Status: Increases all Status damage while invisible by 20%.
Invisibility Specialization Choose 1 of 3 options:
  • Extended Invisibility: Extends Invisibility granted from Veil of Shadows by 2 seconds.
  • Invisible Recharge: Heroic energy recharges 15% faster while invisible.
  • Invisible Willpower: Willpower regenerates at 1% per second while invisible.
Stealth Tactics Specialization Choose 1 of 3 options:
  • Critical Damage: Increases Critical Attack damage while invisible by 15%.
  • Critical Ranged: Increases Critical Attack Chance 7% for Ranged Attacks while invisible.
  • Critical Melee: Increases Critical Attack Chance by 20% for Melee Attacks while invisible.
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Name Type Description
Takedown Specialization Choose 1 of 3 options:
  • Intrinsic Takedown Mastery: Performing a Takedown spawns and Intrinsic Orb
  • Heroic Takedown Mastery: Performing a Takedown spawns a Heroic Orb
  • Willpower Takedown Mastery: Performing a Takedown spawns a Regen Pack.
Ranged Specialization Choose 1 of 3 options:
  • Critical Headshots: Increases Critical attack damage from headshots by 20%.
  • Stun Damage: Increases Stun damage by 15%
  • Ranged Damage: Increases Ranged Attack damage by 10%
Melee Specialization Choose 1 of 3 options:
  • Combo Finishers: Increases damage from Light Combo Finishers or Heavy Combo Finishers by 25%
  • Critical Juggler: Increases Critical Attack damage while air juggling enemies by 15%
  • Melee Charge: Light and heavy Attacks boost the energy of all heroic meters by 5%
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† denotes deceased characters
MIA denotes "Missing In Action" / current fate unknown





  • In Marvel Comics, Black Widow was introduced in Tales of Suspense #52 (April, 1964). Her identity is often Natalia Romanova, with the "Natasha Romanoff" name being a cover identity during her time as a KGB spy. Initially introduced as a villain for Iron Man, Black Widow later defected to S.H.I.E.L.D. and served as a recurring ally to the Avengers, later joining the team in Avengers #111 (May, 1973). As it is a operation program, the Black Widow identity has also used by multiple other characters aside from Romanova.
  • Natasha's Resistance alias, Tiny Dancer, shares its name with a song written and performed by Elton John. This connection is even pointed out by Tony Stark.
  • Whilst undercover in AIM, Natasha uses the alias Yelena Belova, another "Black Widow" from the comics. Belova was introduced as her Red Room successor and has served as both an ally and enemy.
  • Despite being Russian, Black Widow talks with an American accent. This is likely done for practical reasons, as a Russian dialect is considered difficult to learn. This has also been the case for Romanoff in other media, most notably the Marvel Cinematic Universe version.

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