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The Ant Hill codex.png
The Ant Hill
Black Mesa.png
Black Mesa
The Chimera Helicarrier.png
The Chimera Helicarrier The Chimera is the Avengers new, state-of-the-art Helicarrier. Housing the revolutionary new Terrigen Reactior, the Chiera will act as a obile headquaters for Earth's Mightiest Heroes to takle threats across the world.

The Helicarrier hold a full compliment of SHIELD personnel, as well as several quinjets for use in targeted Missions.

The Chimera Reborn.png
The Chimera Reborn With Tony Stark's help, the Avengers now have a fully operational and airborne base of operations in their fight against AIM.

The Chimera contains advanced surveillance technology designed to track AIM's movements and activities.

Decommissioned Chimera.png
Decommissioned Chimera
Golden Acres codex.png
Golden Acres
Location Heroes Park.png
Heroes Park
Location Jersey City.png
Jersey City, New Jersey Jersey City is the hometown of Kamala Khan. Located on the Eastern Seaboard, Jersey City is across the Hudson River from Manhattan.

Kamala can see AIM Tower, formerly Avengers Tower, from the roof of her family's apartment building.

Kamalas Headquarters.png
Kamala's Headquarters Once a Jersey City water tower, Kamala secretly turned it into her own personal 'headquarters' when it was decommissioned by the utility planning office.

Kamala now uses it as a place to practice her powers in secret and research missing Inhumans.

Manhattan Evacuation Zone.png
Manhattan Evacuation Zone Once the home of the Avengers Tower, Manhattan now hosts a rebranded AIM Tower and is the epicenter of AIM's new corporate power in America. Recently, the Resistance helped break out a large number of Inhumans form one of AIM's Manhattan clinics.

AIM responded by cornering the Inhumans and creating an 'evacuation zone' to deal with them out of the public eye.

Medusa Laboratory.png
Medusa Laboratory Little is known about this top secret AIM laboratory, located several hundred meters beneath the frigid Arctic Ocean.

The Chimera's scans have determined that the lab is using enormous amounts of energy, likely in an effort to contain some kind of volatile experiment.

Olympia Archive codex.jpg
Olympia Archive Located in the heart of AIM's Pacific Northwest holdings, Olympia Archive was once owned and operated by Stark Industries. The facility was used to store many Stark Family projects and artifacts over the years.

After the AIM takeover, the facility was repurposed into a laboratory devoted to the study of Terrigen. The fate of the 'Stark Archive' and its contents is a mystery.

San Francisco Quarantine Zone.png
San Francisco Quarantine Zone After the tragic events of A-Day, San Francisco was consumed in a cloud of Terrigen Mist. The city and surrounding area was evacuated and walled off.

All access to the quarantine zone was restricted - activity within is now controlled by AIM as they conduct 'clean up operations.' But as the Avengers have learned, something more sinister has been happening in this once jewel of the West Coast.

Venture Ridge.png
Venture Ridge, Wyoming Once a peaceful small town in the Red Desert of Southern Wyoming, AIM targeted Venture Ridge to use as a cover for one of their Inhuman holding facilities. Most of the town's citizens were forcibly evacuated, though soe refused to leave.

Among those who opposed AIM was Sheriff Joseph Ember and some of his loyal deputies. They've been trying to fight back, but have been unable to stop AIM from using Venture Ridge as a test bed for their dark experiments.

Woken Ritual Site.png
Woken Ritual Site Hidden in the cold forest of Scandinavia, the Woken of Asgard, a radical AIM off-shoot, has begun worshipping a false God.

This remote area is close to several ancient Asgardian sites of worship, giving the Woken access to unseen magical ley lines of power.

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