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Chastity McBryde is a cosmetics vendor in Marvel's Avengers. She becomes available to the player after completing Armor Chase.


Chastity presumably joined SHIELD at least before the Avengers reassembled. She, along with Alisande Morales and Sidney Levine, travelled to the Chimera after Hulk and Kamala Khan obtained SHIELD protocols left by Nick Fury. Chastity provided the Avengers with new outfits, nameplates and emotes. Unlike most the other agents on the Chimera, she stayed behind onboard when Tachyon Rifts began appearing.



  • In Marvel Comics, Chastity McBryde first appeared in Elektra Assassin #5 (December, 1986). An agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., she was a pursuer to the assassin Elektra during the limited series.
  • Chastity claims to have an addiction to coffee, claiming that the funds she gets go towards buying more of it.
  • If the player buys something from her, Chastity will sometimes claim not slept the night before just to get it right. It's unclear whether she suffers from Insomnia or if its a side-effect of the caffeine.

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