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The Chimera is a specialized helicarrier and an outpost used by the Avengers. It was originally unveiled during A-Day, but was severely damaged during the events that unfolded. When the Avengers reassembled, Kamala Khan and the rest of the team used the decommissioned Chimera as their base of operations, rebuilding it in the process.


Events of Marvel's Avengers[]

During A-Day, the Avengers reveal the Chimera and its experimental power source, the Terrigen Reactor. However, it is destroyed during an attack that same day. Five years later, it has become the base of operations for Bruce Banner and Kamala Khan as they try to reassemble the Avengers. It acts as the central hub between missions and upgrading the Avengers' fire power.

Areas of Interest[]

  • Command Deck (with War Table)
  • HARM Room
  • Hangar (with Quinjet)
  • Science Lab
  • Technology Lab (with fabrication machine)
  • Crew Quarters (each Avenger has their own room)
  • Common Room (with vendors)
  • Interrogation Room
  • Holding Cell