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Gear is various armor and upgrades that the Avengers can equip to increase their power and other abilities. Each character's loadout is broken down into four main categories: Melee, Ranged, Defense, and Heroic. Each of these contributes to the hero's ratings (see below). There is also specialty gear called Artifacts that can be equipped, which add to a hero's overall power level and provide unique gameplay bonuses. Gear does not change a character's appearance; only Outfits do that.


A hero's Power level is calculated from the average value of all their currently equipped gear items. As gear increases in power level, its associated Rating increases as well. Gear can be boosted by using Resources. The boost adds Power to the item and thus the hero wearing it. Depending on item rarity, boosting also unlocks an extra Perk if available.

The previous highest level Gear can drop is currently 130 with the ability to be boosted to 140. With a fully leveled Major Artifact this makes the highest possible Power level 150.

With the new Raid coming in the Fall/Winter part of 2021, the power cap level have increased to 160 as a soft cap and 175 as a maximum cap.


The different colors of gear signify quality. Higher quality gear items apply benefits such as attribute bonuses and gear perks that can drastically affect gameplay. Quality levels include:

  • Common - 0 perks, can not be boosted
  • Uncommon - 0 or 1 perk, can boost 3 times
  • Rare - 1 or 2 perks, can boost 5 times
  • Epic - 2 or 3 perks, can boost 10 times
  • Legendary - 2 or 3 perks, can boost 10 times
  • Exotic - 2 or 3 perks, can boost 10 times

Exotic artifacts are guaranteed rewards when completing the Reassemble campaign, completing the first Iconic Mission chain, and finishing the Reigning Supreme mission chain in Avengers Initiative.

Other Exotic gear and additional artifacts have a low drop chance to drop in late-game activities the first time they are completed each week, although they are not guaranteed each playthrough. These activities include:


To learn more about Perks and see a list of them, visit the Perks page.

The star rating on a piece of Gear affects the percentage value of most variables on a Perk. The higher the star rating, the higher the variable value.


Each piece of gear grants a bonus to one of seven key attributes:

  • MIGHT - Might in Avengers is usually commonly known as "Strength" and increasing this stat will increase your effectiveness with Melee Attacks which includes all Light Attacks of current Heroes as well as Heavy Attacks except those of Iron Man, Hawkeye and Kate Bishop. This stat is not subject to diminishing returns, which basically means if you want more melee damage you can just stack as much Might as you like and it'll keep adding to your damage.
  • PRECISION - Precision in this game is essentially the "Ranged" stat, sometimes also referred to as Accuracy as well, but as there is no change to your actual accuracy "Ranged" is the one that makes the most sense. Increasing this stat improves the damage output of your ranged attacks making you more dangerous from a distance when using aimed Ranged Attacks or even some heavy attacks from Iron Man, Hawkeye & Kate Bishop.
  • PROFICIENCY - Proficiency is the combination of 2 stats that you might see in other games: Critical Chance & Perk Chance, which is exactly what you'd expect, critical attacks can double your damage when they land and Perk Chance is how often your gear Perks will activate.
  • VALOR - Valor in Avengers is also a combination of 2 things: Heroic Effectiveness and Critical Damage. Heroic Effectiveness governs your special abilities or Heroics. Since this stat increases both your Heroics and the critical damage, this stat is a general priority if you're focusing on a high damage build. As with Proficiency, Valor scales Melee, Ranged & the Heroic rating but only directly affects the base damage of Heroics.
  • RESOLVE - Resolve encompasses 2 things as well, both your Max Willpower and Willpower Recovery. If you missed it earlier, Willpower in Marvel’s Avengers is Health, so if you find yourself being a little squishier than you'd like, focusing on Resolve might help!
  • RESILIENCE - Simply put, Resilience is Defense. Resilience increases your Armor % which in turn reduces the damage you take.
  • INTENSITY - Intensity covers both Stun & Status Meter Damage % and is basically how quickly can you fill the Stun meter that appears over an enemy’s head, which indicates that you can perform Takedowns on them or other Signature Attacks from specific Heroes. It also governs how quickly you can fill a Status meter to apply a Status effect on an enemy, which can have a variety of benefits depending on the Status you inflict, but also means you can trigger the Battery Effect even quicker. More on the Battery Effect below.

These factor into the four ratings that determine a hero's other stats, which are also affected by passive skills and associated stats:

  • Melee Rating: The amount of base damage dealt for melee attacks.
    • Might: Melee damage, Ultimate heroic charge rate
    • Proficiency: Critical chance, Perk chance
    • Valor: Heroic effectiveness, Critical damage
  • Ranged Rating: The amount of base damage dealt for ranged attacks.
    • Precision: Ranged damage, Assault heroic charge rate
    • Proficiency: Critical chance, Perk chance
    • Valor: Heroic effectiveness, Critical damage
  • Defense Rating: The amount of damage a hero can take.
    • Resilience: Armor, Support heroic charge rate
    • Resolve: Max willpower (health), Willpower recovery effectiveness
  • Heroic Rating: The amount of damage of a hero's heroic abilities.
    • Intensity: Stun/status meter damage, Status resistance
    • Resilience: Armor, Support heroic charge rate
    • Valor: Heroic effectiveness, Critical damage

Status Effects[]

Status Effects are broken down into two categories. These are positive and negative. The best way to think of this are warm colors and cold colors. By combining positive and negative status effects your damage is amplified more-so than it would be if just using one status effect by itself.


  • Cosmic
    • The Cosmic Status Effect focuses on empowering heroes. While active, the Cosmic Status Effect will heal the hero a small percentage each time they hit an enemy.
    • Some Cosmic gear will also add Heroic and Intrinsic charge gain on top of healing.
  • Pym
    • Pym Particles shrink enemies down to size. When the Pym Particle Status Effect is triggered, enemies shrink and their impact resistance and damage output are reduced.
  • Plasma
    • Plasma ignites enemies in burning flames, doing continuous damage over time. While active, the Plasma Status Effect periodically triggers an area of effect (AOE) Plasma burst that damages the target and does Plasma damage to all enemies in range.
    • If a Plasma afflicted enemy is defeated, this triggers a larger AOE Plasma burst that also Staggers and Breaks Block on enemies in range.
  • Vibranium
    • Vibranium has the ability to store energy and release it in a concentrated burst. The Vibranium Status Effect will trigger an area of effect (AOE) burst when an enemy is defeated or when the Vibranium Status Effect wears off.
    • The amount of damage done by the AOE builds up based on the amount of damage dealt to targets while the Status Effect was active.


  • Gamma
    • Gamma radiation poisons enemies, dealing damage over time. While afflicted with the Gamma Status Effect, enemies take damage and can spread Gamma poisoning to nearby enemies as well.
    • If a Gamma afflicted enemy is defeated, this triggers a Gamma explosion that Staggers and poisons enemies in range.
  • Cryogenic
    • Cryogenic freezes and slows enemies, making them vulnerable to attack. While the Cryo Status Effect is active, the target's movement and attacks are slowed.
    • If a frozen afflicted enemy is defeated it triggers a Cryogenic explosion that also Staggers enemies nearby.
  • Shock
    • The Shock Status Effect electrifies enemies, making them vulnerable to attack. While active, this Status Effect increases the chance of Critical Hits and all attacks deal extra damage.
  • Sonic
    • The Sonic Status Effect pulls energy from afflicted targets. The hero will gain Heroic and Intrinsic energy while standing near an enemy with an active Sonic Status Effect.


Gear is manufactured by one of four corporations, which determines its possible attributes.

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