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Henry "Hank" Pym is an allied character in Marvel's Avengers. Previously operating as Ant-Man, he is a former member of the Avengers and leader of the Resistance.


The head of Pym Technologies and inventor of Pym Particles, Hank Pym once operated as the superhero Ant-Man. At some point, he joined other heroes in a team called the Avengers, working with Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor and the Hulk. Pym also had a daughter with an unnamed woman, whom they called Hope.

At some point before several conflicts with villains, he was dismissed from the Avengers by Tony Stark, though the circumstances behind it are unknown. Pym also retired from the role of Ant-Man after the Pym Particles began to seriously affect him, due to early experimentation with them.

Events of Marvel's Avengers[]

After A-Day[]

At some point after the disbandment of the Avengers, Hank was approached by Monica Rappaccini to join AIM and help repair the damage of A-Day. Hoping to make a difference outside of the suit, Pym began working for them on multiple projects, including an Inhuman treatment clinic, though had reservations about the company and its leaders. After an argument with Hope, Hank tried to contact her and voiced concerns about associating their company with Advanced Idea Mechanics.

Eventually, Pym discovered that one of his co-workers, Dr. Andrew Forson, was actually experimenting on and torturing Inhumans that were being treated at the clinic. Shocked at the discovery, he reported this to Rappaccini, hoping she would take action against him. However, Monica was also aware and was performing similar experiments and decided that Pym had served his purposes, ordering a kidnapping attempt on him during a benefit event.

Pym was captured before he could escape and became held as a prisoner in one of AIM's prison facilities. The company's scientists altered his physiology to kill him if he ever changed his size in any form. Hank's research and Pym Technologies were also gathered by the company, with it either being held in the Meridian facility or used to expand their resources. During his time within it, Hank began to organize the prisoners into starting a revolt, eventually leading to a prison riot and their successful escape. This ultimately began the foundations of what would become known as the Resistance.

After the escape, Hank set to organizing the Resistance, recruiting Inhumans, fellow scientists who also shared his concerns and anonymous hackers. He also founded an underground sanctuary for the group, which was dubbed the Ant Hill by one of their anonymous hackers. Hank also created the Roy AI from salvaged AIM technology, using the various models to maintain the Ant Hill and trade with allies. At some point, he tried to send Hope a message reassuring her he was alright, though its unknown whether she received it.


After Kamala Khan and the Hulk encountered the Watchdogs, Pym sent Theo and some other members of the Resistance to bring them to the Ant Hill. As they arrived, he greeted them and showed them around the base. When Banner noticed their salvaged AIM tech, Hank promised to give them some Initiator Cores to repair the Chimera. As they did so, he encouraged Kamala to meet the other members of the Resistance.

As part of the agreement, Hank asked the Avengers to infiltrate one of AIM's nearby facilities and obtain evidence of the company's experiments. Sending them the coordinates of Venture Ridge, Wyoming, he monitored their communications and sent Theo to help rescue captured Inhumans. Hank also gave the group information about the evacuation of the town and AIM's experiments on him. After the Avengers intercepted a research shipment and sent it to the Ant Hill, he thanked the team and began looking through the samples.

While they were waiting for Tony to repair the Chimera, Hank and Bruce discussed their next steps and ordered a Roy model to act as an envoy for the Avengers. During it, Kamala interrupted to ask about attacking Black Mesa. Realizing she'd talked to Dante Pertuz, Hank tried to dissuade her from doing so, citing the increased security and difficulty getting into it. Despite this, he was unsuccessful which lead to her attempt at an infiltration and capture.

Hank was later informed of her capture by "Tiny Dancer" and sent Resistance members to evacuate her an the Inhumans. After the mission, he learned that the hacker was actually Black Widow and contacted the Chimera to thank her for helping them. During the conversation, he revealed that AIM had successfully transferred most of the Inhumans and asked them to investigate. After they deduced that Monica had hidden the Adaptoid laboratory on the Ambrosia satellite, Iron Man contacted Hank to ask for Pym Particles to shrink components for a new suit. Though without his research, he asked them to retrieve it so he could replicate them.

Directing them to AIM's Meridian facility, Hank agreed to hijack one of the facility's trains, though warned that doing so would expose the Ant Hill. After the Avengers gathered the research, he sent Theo to transport them back and bring the particles to him, whilst the team dealt with an AIM Warbot. When a second one appeared, Hank teleported to the battleground at the last minute and shrank it with a newly-created Pym Particle gun. With his research secure and the Ant Hill saved, Hank thanked them for their help and gave them some Pym Particles to complete the suit.

Reigning Supreme[]

When Theo disappeared to investigate a facility, Hank contacted the Avengers to ask them to assist him and rescue the captives. He later asked them to retrieve new blueprints from an AIM facility in the Pacific Northwest, though this quickly turned into a fight with the Watchdogs. Despite this, Stark was able to obtain them, having set JARVIS to hack the systems during the fight. Pym and the Resistance also took part in a coordinated attack on AIM's New York facilities, working with SHIELD agents as well as Captain America.

Taking AIM[]

From data received from the Avengers, Pym was able to trace the Tachyon Rifts to a former Hydra base in the Siberan Tundra. Informing the team of his discoveries, he suggested that they performed recon on the facility rather than interfere, due to the tachyon's unstable nature. He received both audio and visual signals from the Avengers during the investigation. After learning the source of the disruptions, Pym recognized it as a bridge through time and suggested that they destroyed it. However, Kate Bishop, who was leading the mission, refused and order a retreat, due to Hawkeye using the device to travel forwards in time.

When the Avengers returned to the Ant-Hill, they consulted Pym on its purpose and the potential dangers. During it, Pym revealed that it could be catastrophic enough to tear reality apart and suggested destroying the bridge, despite stranding Barton. When Kate suggested they built another Time Bridge to travel back in time and rescue Hawkeye, Hank reluctantly agreed to help them. However, he requested the Avengers collect the blueprints for the Time Bridge and Cavorite to power it. After gathering these, Pym and the Resistance constructed their Time Bridge at a secure facility close to the Ant Hill.

As Kate and the team approached, Pym warned them that they could only go back once and to intercept him before he went through Rappaccini's time bridge. To save time, he connected their bridge to Monica's before it activate. Before Kate left, Pym warned her not to interfere with the timeline, to prevent potential paradoxes, and only to destroy the bridge. Activating the bridge, he transported the Avengers to the relevant location, though only an hour before their initial investigation.

When Kate returned to the present, she informed Pym about Monica's plans to help a future version of herself develop a weapon in her timeline. Realizing that it would accelerate the storms, he told her to destroy the bridge as soon as possible, even if it meant leaving Clint behind in the timeline. After the Avengers took down the security and defeated the Super-Adaptoid, Pym remotely took over and opened the bridge. This allowed Hawkeye to return escape and Kate to destroy it in both timelines.


† denotes deceased characters
MIA denotes "Missing In Action" / current fate unknown






  • In Marvel Comics, Dr. Henry "Hank" Pym was first introduced in Tales to Astonish #27 (January 1962). In most continuities, he is a founding member of the Avengers and a frequent member of the team, using the size changing Pym Particles in activities along with his wife Janet van Dyne, otherwise known as the Wasp. Pym has also operated under various identities, including Ant-Man, Giant-Man, Goliath and Yellowjacket.
  • During the mission Breakout, Pym claims that AIM altered his physiology to make changing size lethal to him. However, a letter to Hope indicates that this may actually be due to early experimentation with Pym Particles.

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