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Dr. Lyle Getz is the secondary antagonist and first boss of the Taking AIM operation in Marvel's Avengers. He is the chief scientist of AIM's research division who supervised the time travel research on Tachyons and the construction of the Time Bridge.


A scientist specializing in robotics and particle physics, Lyle Getz joined AIM in the early days of operations. His devotion and work for the company eventually led to his promotion to Head of Research. He developed a rivalry with Dr. Monica Rappaccini, one of the co-founders of the company. According to Black Widow, Getz's work was top secret in AIM. At some point, Getz's work led to the disappearance of Nick Fury. When Hawkeye investigated, he was captured by AIM.

Getz sent a letter to an employee of an AIM contractor, informing him that his wife and son were presumed missing after A-Day. In reality, they had both been captured and experimented on, due to their status as Inhumans.

Events of Marvel's Avengers[]

Taking AIM[]

Getz's work with Tachyons eventually led to AIM developing Time Bridge technology, which allowed them to travel backs and forwards into the future to other Time Bridge generators. When Monica used it to contact another version of herself form another timeline, he protested, knowing the dangers of what they planned to achieve. This led to Monica demoting Getz, losing a lot of his influence he had enjoyed while Tarleton was in charge.

When Kate Bishop connected his work to both Fury and Hawkeye's disappearances, she and the Avengers tracked him down to a remote Russian facility. As they infiltrated the facility, he mocked Bishop with knowledge about her, including her failed attempt to join the team. When the Avengers confront him, Getz took control of an elite Dreadbot to defend himself against the team. However, they managed to defeat him, leading to his capture.

Taken to SHIELD Substation Zero, Getz was interrogated by Bishop, Tony Stark and Maria Hill on his relation to the recent Tachyon Storms. Denying the allegations, he revealed that Rappaccini had been using his research to a dangerous end, but did not specify what it was. When Kate revealed a hard-light holographic decoy she'd created, Getz revealed Monica had been interested in both her and Hawkeye for a certain purpose. Having caught a nerve with Kate, she ended the interrogation. Getz remained in SHIELD's custody during the Avengers' investigation.






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