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Maria Hill is a supporting character and ally in Marvel's Avengers. An agent of SHIELD and second in command to Nick Fury, she often worked with the Avengers. After his disappearance following A-Day, Hill took over as the agency's director.


A decorated agent of SHIELD, Maria Hill was promoted to Sub-Director at some point before A-Day. Along with agent Dum Dum Dugan, she was trusted by Nick Fury to use duplicates of the organization's protocols to rebuild it, should it be disbanded. At some point, Hill became associated with the Avengers and worked with them on several occasions.

Events of MA: The Extinction Key[]

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Events of Marvel's Avengers[]

After A-Day[]

After Fury disappeared following A-Day, Hill took over as Director and oversaw the fallout of their association with the event. During it, she and other agents went underground to operate independently and avoid takeover by AIM. Hill also ordered the remains of the Chimera to be transported to the Utah Badlands, handing command of the operation to Jimmy Woo. When the Hulk retreated to the wreckage, she warned her agents to evacuate immediately. At some point, Hill and other agents set up a based designated SHIELD Substation Zero, which became their main headquarters. She also retained contact with at least Tony Stark.


After Hulk and Kamala Khan reactivated JARVIS, Bruce Banner called Maria to ask for a Neural Uplink to repair the Chimera's War Table. Though unable to provide them with one, she provided them coordinates for a potential location in the Russian tundra. After they returned from the expedition, Maria received SHIELD protocols to help rebuild the organization. Thanking them, she promised to help them whenever they needed SHIELD. She also sent agents Alisande Morales, Chastity McBryde and Sidney Levine to act as envoys for the team. After they repaired the Chimera, Hill sent more SHIELD agents to help manage and fly the helicarrier.

Reigning Supreme[]

After the Avengers defeated MODOK, Hill contacted the reassembled Avengers to inform them of Monica Rappaccini's promotion to Scientist Supreme. As they investigated their actions, Maria asked them to retrieve more SHIELD protocol caches for SHIELD and send them to her directly.

During one excursion, the transmitter was intercepted by former agent Taskmaster. In a desperate bid to prevent them from falling into AIM's hands, Maria worked with the Avengers to attack the compound where he was stationed and retrieve them, even led the taskforce personally. Though they were unable to prevent the transmission, Maria was able to stop the protocols being sent to AIM's servers by destroying the computer with a rocket launcher. After Taskmaster's defeat, she oversaw his arrest and, though disappointed to have been forced to destroy them, was thankful that they acted before AIM received the protocols.

Hill also took part in a mass attack on AIM's New York facilities, leading SHIELD agents in the attack. During the fight, she became worked with Hank Pym and the Resistance, helping the Avengers free Inhumans. After they stormed one of the buildings, Hill and her agents rallied behind Captain America, as he publicly vowed to fight AIM's assertions and expose their actions. She also agreed to work with the groups further.

Taking AIM[]

When SHIELD discovered Tachyon Rifts occurring across the Earth, Hill contacted the Avengers and gave them access to Substation Zero. After meeting with them, she briefed them on the situation and told them to talk to Alisande Morales, who had transferred to the base with Levine, to receive more information.





  • In Marvel Comics, Maria Hill first appeared in New Avengers #4 (April, 2005). A trusted member of S.H.I.E.L.D., she is a close ally to Nick Fury and has worked with the Avengers on multiple occasions. Maria has also served as the director of S.H.I.E.L.D., though her actions in the role are somewhat controversial.

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