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Dr. Monica Rappaccini (also known as Scientist Supreme) is the secondary antagonist of the Reassemble campaign and the main antagonist of the Avengers Initiative multiplayer operation,

A former ally of the Avengers, she is one of the co-founders of Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM) and later its Scientist Supreme. She is also currently considered to be the archenemy of the Avengers, due to her involvement in A-Day and her position as effective leader of AIM. Due to her creation of various clones, Monica had survived various attempts on her life and possible deaths.

Codex Entries

Monica Rappaccini (Exo)[]

This modified Monotronic Exo suit was designed specifically for close combat with super-powered opponents, such as rogue Inhumans. Dr. Rappaccini has personally tested the suit herself and made additoinal modifications to increase its combat effectiveness.

Scientist Supreme[]

Driven by her mission to prepare Earth for the invading Kree, Monica Rappaccini set out to find a weapon, experimenting with cosmic energy, a substance powerful to alter reality itself. With the help of her future self, Monica Rappaccini succeeded in constructing the Cosmic Cube, bringing her to the verge of changing the world as she sees fit.


Early Life and Career[]

Blessed with an incredible intelligence from a young age, Monica Rappaccini initially showed an interest in robotics. At a school science fair, she created a programmable robot knife to enter the competition. However, she lost to another kid entered a Cheese volcano, though the project had been built by his father. Monica later claimed to that she never got over the fact, even by her adulthood.

Eventually enrolling in "grad school" in New Mexico, Monica studied various fields, specialized primarily in genetics. During her time there, she met both Bruce Banner and George Tarleton. After graduation, she joined Tarleton to form the scientific research organization Advanced Idea Mechanics. After the discovery of the substance Terrigen in the San Francisco area, Monica used her contact with Banner, now a member of the Avengers, to gain funding for their experiments with it. Through him, they were able to receive funding from billionaire Tony Stark and the espionage organization SHIELD, though the two needed to also work for both organizations as a result.

During the first days of contact, Banner offered to take Monica out for coffee, though she quickly escalated it to a dinner date. As a result, the two entered a romantic relationship. Monica also began working with Bruce to discover what caused the Hulk, whether it could be cure and, if not, triggered by something else. Unknown to Banner, she also used the data to learn whether the Hulk's powers could be bestowed or replicated on someone else.

Road to A-Day[]

Events of MA: Iron Man[]

Monica was seen in one of the Stark Industries laboratories whilst Stark was investigating how someone was leaking its technology. In an effort to cover a digital sting operation, he asked about how the relationship was going with Banner, though this caused some confusion. When Tony Stark entered an argument with Bruce, Monica witnessed it but seemed oblivious to the initial cause.

Events of MA: Hulk[]

During a session investigating the Hulk, Monica was able to trigger a return to Banner using numbing mists and some classical music. Discussing the findings with Bruce, she suggested trying to find a treatment that gave Bruce all the power without the rage or memory loss. However, he refused to go down that path and threaten to end their relationship if she didn't simply help him get rid of his "curse".

When Tarleton created an electrical monster with an energy magnifying experiment, Monica investigated to discover Bruce being attacked by it. Sealing the creature within a containment unit, she noticed that it was made of pure energy. As the monster broke free, Monica was told to flee whilst Bruce transformed into the Hulk to deal with them. It's unclear whether she witnessed any of the resulting fight.

When it was over, Monica was on the scene when Bruce regained consciousness. When he was later transferred to the facility's medical bay, she visited him after Stark had finished debriefing him. Brushing off one of the billionaire's comments, Monica comforted Bruce at his bedside.

Events of MA: The Extinction Key[]

By the time the Avengers had decided to move to a division to the West Coast, Monica and Tarleton had returned to San Francisco to experiment with Terrigen further. When Banner travelled to help them, Monica picked him up the airport. Missing information.

Events of Marvel's Avengers[]


As A-Day approached, Monica decided to steal Terrigen and use the reactor for her own ends. Contacting former SHIELD agent turned mercenary Tony Masters / Taskmaster, she hired him and his mercenaries to steal the crystals for her, using the Avengers Day celebration as a distraction. She spent the eve of the event with Bruce, though left that morning to attend final preparations of the plans.

During the event itself, Monica and George met shortly before they went onstage, unknowingly within earshot of Kamala Khan. As he expressed worries that Stark would take credit for simply funding his work, she reassured him and promised he'd get the attention needed. As the conversation ended, the two were discovered by Bruce, who she apologized to for disappearing. Together, the group were on stage during the main event, alongside the Avengers.

Monica was presumably onboard the Chimera during during Taskmaster's assault on it and the Golden Gate Bridge. According to most reports, she and Tarleton survived the crash by taking shelter on the command deck. Unknown to most, Monica was responsible for Captain America's disappearance, having ambushed him as he recovered and place into cryo-hibernation. She and George were able to avoid most of the fallout of the event, instead focusing on building AIM.

After A-Day[]

At some point during the Senate hearings for the Avengers, Monica convinced Bruce to testify that the Avengers were a threat, leading to the team's disbandment. After them, they went their separate ways, ending the relationship. Working alongside Justin Hammer, Monica was able to organize the dismantlement of SHIELD and Stark Industries, using the gathered resources to build up AIM's resources. These included research undertaken by the organizations and their facilities, including those within proximity to towns. However, Rappaccini eventually betrayed Hammer, using her resources to gain control of his company and merge it into AIM.

With the new resources, Monica extracted blood from Captain America, using it to create a substance she codenamed the "Regenerative Formula". To prevent discovery, she moved him and her laboratory to the SHIELD space station Ambrosia, hiding the information from everyone including Tarleton. When George went through Terrigenesis due to his DNA and expose to Terrigen mists, Monica used to formula to reawaken him from a six-month coma. Unknown to all by her, it also enhanced his Inhuman abilities and granted him technokinesis, though enlarged his head as a result. With other Inhumans emerging due to A-Day, they used their resources and connections to push the agendas that these were a disease on humanity and that AIM could cure them through science.

Through captive Inhumans, Monica and George began experimenting on them, learning about their powers and relations to genetics. Through them, they began working on various attempted cures derived from her serums and projects, though they were always unsuccessful or deadly to them. Among these projects was the Dark Terrigen and the power-replicating Adaptoids. Monica's research on the Hulk also allowed her to replicate him, using AIM's chief of security, Emil Blonsky, as the test subject. This was successful and allowed him access to his memories and personality. As Monica and George continued their experiments, she also discretely continued testing on him, increasing the potency slowly.

When Wakanda close its border from the world, due to also thought Captain America died in A-Day and preventing AIM from both entering the country and stealing their Vibranium resources for their shady activities, Monica hired Ulysses Klaue and grant his permission to lead AIM to find a way to steal the country's vibranium.


Five years after A-Day, Monica travelled to Jersey City with George to locate Kamala Khan, after she had tried to access AIM's servers and been outed as an Inhuman. Tracking her to Heroes Park, she organized the search attempts, even ordering them to search the nearby sewer system. Eventually, Monica located Khan and, as she exited the sewer system, ambushed her with a taser. Knocking her out, she brought her to George and began escorting her out of the city.

When Kamala regained consciousness, Monica interrogated her on how she had gotten access to their resources. During it, she stated that she was becoming more incontrollable and her powers needed to be removed. When Kamala implied her suspicions that they were responsible for A-Day, Monica silently brushed off the allegations. When Khan began an escape attempt, she berated George for his passive approached and ordered their Synthoids to arrest her. However, Kamala ultimately escaped them.

Returning to AIM's laboratories, Monica showcased off the latest discovered Inhumans, including Jessica Yi, and shared plans to use them to bolster forces. When Tarleton revealed his visit to Heroes Park and disgust towards remembrance for Captain America, she encourage him to hide the feelings to avoid bad press for the company. As the meeting drew to an end, Monica gave him another injection of the Regenerative Formula. Promising that it was more potent, it greatly enhanced George's powers and greatly affected his appearance further. While investigating the AIM facility near the Olympia Archive, Kamala and Bruce discovered a video recording of one of Monica's Inhuman cure experiments, which was seemingly successful.

After the incident at Golden Acres, Monica checked on George after the incident, having noticed he was hurt after Hulk destroyed his interfacing device. As Blonsky confronted them on having him hold back at Olympia Archive, she argued with him about their methods. Monica also witnessed the fight between him and Tarleton, though convinced the latter to spare for necessary purposes.

When Khan was captured breaking into the Black Mesa facility, Monica had her secured in her laboratory. Meeting with AIM's contact on the US Senate, she and George discussed the recent progress with the Inhuman cures, assuring him that they were close. However, as it ended, they agreed that it was no longer a viable option and that they needed to unveil the Adaptoids. Whilst observing Ambrosia's status, Monica learned that Kamala had regained consciousness, leading her to inject he with a sedative agent. At some point, she also killed Yi with the Dark Terrigen mists, copying her powers to the Adaptoids and gaining data about it.

When Black Widow infiltrator Black Mesa to rescue Khan and the other Inhuman prisoners, Monica learned of her presence and activated the Adaptoids to deal with her. As the spy entered one of the storage areas, Monica closed her in and revealed her knowledge that she had been helping the Resistance as "Tiny Dancer". As Romanoff fought her reinforcements, Monica donned a prototype Exo suit to fight her in. After suiting up, Monica released Nerve Gas to bring Widow up to the higher levels and confronted her. Though enhanced with the abilities of other Exo types and assistance from AIM robots, she was defeated. As SHIELD agents arrived to free the members, Monica was rounded up and imprisoned in the Chimera's interrogation cell.

Eventually, it was decided to interrogate Monica on the location of her laboratory, with Bruce volunteering to do so under the watch of the other assembled Avengers. As it began, she correctly guessed that they planned to use the AIM Experience as platform to reveal their unethical experiments and clear their names. When Bruce confronted her on the experimentation on Inhumans and their danger to the public, Monica avoided the claims and refused to disclose the location of the lab. As he left, she promised him the Adaptoids would launch and that they couldn't stop it.

During Tarleton's attack on the Chimera, Monica was freed and escaped in the chaos. During her time there, she perfected AIM's cloning technology, allowing them to create them for specific people. Monica also continued treating George, enlarging his head to the same size as his body and forcing him to become immobile. However, comments she made on that the Avengers would not find her lab on Earth led to Khan realizing she'd hidden it on Ambrosia.

After Iron Man infiltrated the facility and freed Captain America, Monica learned of their intrusion and activated the security measures. Greeting them on a screen, she revealed that Tarleton wasn't aware of the experimentation and activated the satellite's self-destruct sequence to ensure evidence did not reach him. Though she succeeded in destroying it, Rogers and Stark both escaped, with help from Thor.

After the destruction, Monica attempted to clean up the discoveries. However, the now insane Tarleton confronted her as she attempted to leave, having also discovered the truth about Cap's survival and her experimentation on him. As she tried to justify the experimentation, Monica was grabbed by the mutated Inhuman and injected with a lethal dose of the Regenerative Formula. As she died, Monica begged for his help, but George only watched.

Reigning Supreme[]

Unknown to all, Monica had survived the experience due to her cloning experiments she'd derived from Li's powers. However, Monica remained in hiding whilst George, now calling himself "MODOK", attempted to wipe out all Inhumans with the abandoned Dark Terrigen cure. After MODOK's defeat, Monica reemerged and convinced AIM's Board of Directors to promote her to Scientist Supreme. Rather than focusing on Inhuman annihilation, she instead promised them to focus on developing their technology, scientific theories, and ensured them that AIM would be the future. To demonstrate, she showcased several clones she had created.

Monica was ultimately successful, granting her access to the company's entire resources. From their, she began developing her promises, focusing on cloning and time travel. Monica was able to expand and improve their cloning capabilities, creating copies of Taskmaster and Abomination and storing them in several facilities. She also granted resources to Dr. Helen Gable, who fell under Loki's influence and attempted to channel the power of the Bifrost to gain access to Asgard.

Time-Travel Experiments[]

At some point after becoming Scientist Supreme, Monica began experimenting with Time Travel using experiments undertaken by Lyle Getz. Brough into contact with a future version of herself, she learned of the Kree Empire's upcoming invasions and agreed to work with her in return for various scientific discoveries from there. At some point, Monica sent Nick Fury to the timeline to help her future counterpart defend the future Earth. However, the frequent use of the Time Bridge technology caused Tachyon Rifts to occur across the Earth and endanger reality itself.

At some point, Monica was convinced by her future counterpart and Nick Fury to send Clint Barton, who had been captured by AIM investigating the SHIELD agent's fate, into their timeline. After an unspecified amount of time, she was able to convince the former Avenger to travel there, revealing the details behind Earth's fate to do so. After Barton arrived at the facility, Monica opened the Time Bridge to talk with her counterpart. Expressing gratitude for the progress they'd made, she ordered Barton to go into the timeline, hoping he'd maintain their deal. Unknown to them, the Avengers had learned of the experiments and, with Clint's protégé Kate Bishop, witnessed the exchange.

After they had gone into the past to attempt to rescue Hawkeye, the Avengers returned to the facility to help him escape the timeline. Monica was present and sent AIM forces to attempt to stop them. After they took control of the Time Bridge, she deployed one of her future counterparts creations, the Super-Adaptoid, to stop them. However, the robot was defeated by the Avengers and, after Barton returned, the gateway was destroyed by Bishop. It is unknown whether Monica stayed behind or fled the scene during the battle.

Creating the Cosmic Cube[]

At some point after the incident, Monica managed to obtain the Cosmic Cube, a containment unit that could channel Cosmic Energy. Using it, she planned to thwart the Kree invasion before it ever took place. However, this caused various the Tachyon distortion across possible realities like she did in that timeline.

After their journey into the future, the Avengers learned of her experiments and decided to stop her. Lead by Barton, they assaulted AIM's Snowy Tundra base and attempted to destroy the cube. However, Monica had been present and was able to access the cube, using it to create a reality pocket. She then used the cube to summon armies of clones for them to fight, though the Avengers were able to subdue them and defeat her.

During the fight, Monica accidently caused the Kree Timeline's Hawkeye to enter the battle. With the assistance of the younger Barton, Old Man Hawkeye was able to grab and subdue her, pulling them into a void below her and losing grip of the cube. Monica was presumed dead after the battle, though it was later reveal she'd once again survived through the cloning method.

Invasion on Wakanda[]

After reviving in her third body, Monica set about to steal Vibranium from Wakanda, requiring the material to improve their chances against the Kree invasion. To this end, she hired Ulysess Klaue, a Belgium mercenary who had been able to steal one of its materials in the past and his late-father’s history during World War II. To this end, she supplied him with various AIM forces to attack and invade Wakanda. Through from Klaue, Crossbones is hired as well.

After an incident where he murdered Wakandan citizens and destroyed one of its historic temples. Arranging a meeting, she angrily confronted him on his actions and his plans to destroy Wakanda to the ground. Disgusted by his personal vendetta and the death and destruction of valuable knowledge of Vibranium, Monica fired Klaue and ordered AIM's forces to separate from his. Those loyal to him were later either subdued in the battle or abandoned him during his battle with Black Panther and the Avengers.


† denotes deceased characters
MIA denotes "Missing In Action" / current fate unknown





  • In Marvel Comics, Monica Rappaccini was introduced in Amazing Fantasy (Vol. 2) #7 (June, 2005). She is often depicted as the Scientist Supreme of A.I.M. and an enemy of a variety of superheroes, including Ms. Marvel, Ant-Man and the Avengers. Monica was romantically involved with both Bruce Banner and George Tarleton before they became became the Hulk and MODOK, respectively. She is also the mother of the fourth Scorpion, Carmilla Black, who's father is heavily implied to be Banner.
  • It is currently unclear how Monica's cloning enabled her survival. However, it's possible that each of her deaths were actually clones that took her place or that she'd been able to transfer her consciousness to another body upon her deaths. Alternatively, it's possible she'd modified herself to create clone bodies like Li through powers.
    • Assuming Monica can transfer her consciousness to her clones, this draws similarities to the Inhetors, enemies of Multiversal Spider-Men.

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