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The Quinjet is a vehicle that the Avengers use to fly between locations. It was often stored on the Chimera's Hanger Bay or parked near drop-off points. The Quinjet was often piloted by JARVIS, but could be operated by Avengers in certain situations.


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After selecting a mission from the War Table, the Avengers board the Quinjet to travel to the selected location. While aboard, heroes, gear, and skills can be selected while waiting for others to join or the mission to start. After completing missions, players will be taken to the Quinjet until they select either another or an outpost.


  • In Marvel Comics, the Quinjet first appeared in Avengers #61 (February, 1969). Designed by T'Challa / Black Panther and the Wakandan Design Group, it is used as the primary transport of the Avengers. The Quinjet has been often modified or recreated over the years, often after being damage or destroyed in various battles. In several continuities, other orgnaizations, such as S.H.I.E.L.D. and Alchemex, have used their own Quinjets in their operations.

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