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Reassemble is the main campaign operation in Marvel's Avengers. It serves as the introduction for the game and its main storyline.


The Avengers have lost all hope. It's up to a brave young woman Kamala Khan to remind them what it means to be a hero.


On the anniversary of their formation, the Avengers organize a celebration for their fans and admirers to attend in San Francisco. During the event, the team unveils plans to expand to the West Coast. They also reveal their own personal helicarrier, The Chimera, powered by a Terrigen reactor developed by George Tarleton and Monica Rappaccini. One of the attendees is fangirl Kamala Khan, who meets and encounters five of the teammates during the event.

However, amid the festivities, the Golden Gate Bridge is attacked by Taskmaster and his mercenaries. While Captain America remains onboard The Chimera, the other Avengers attempt to apprehend the villain and his forces, though they devastate the bridge in the process. Onboard The Chimera, security protocols activate when the mercenaries attack it, causing the helicarrier to go airborne and its reactor to malfunction. After the Avengers defeat Taskmaster, they realize too late that his attack was a distraction. Before they can return, The Chimera crashes into the bay, causing the Terrigen reactor to erupt and transform into mists, as well as the apparent death of Captain America.

In the aftermath, San Francisco is abandoned due to the mists from the Terrigen reactor and damage caused by earthquakes. The mists also cause many civilians to develop superpowers, prompting them to be called "Inhumans" by the media. In the resulting investigations by the US Senate, the fragmented Avengers are forced to testify. During the proceedings, Bruce Banner asserts that the team's existence poses a threat to civilians, resulting in their disbandment. Other organizations that had been heavily associated with the team, including SHIELD and Stark Industries, also are dismantled. Many of their resources are acquired by Tarleton and Rappaccini, who reform them into their science company Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM). In the years after the event, AIM works to "cure" the Inhuman condition, spreading falsified reports tying the Avengers with the events more heavily.

Five years after A-Day, Kamala, now an Inhuman with polymorphic abilities, strives to find proof of AIM's involvement with the A-Day. Working with an anonymous hacker called "Tiny Dancer," Kamala gains access to AIM's servers, but is discovered and forced to disconnect before she can discover anything incriminating. Investigating a file she was able to recover, Kamala discovers that it contains a corrupted video of Tarleton sealing Captain America into the Reactor Room. Planning to meet Tiny Dancer at Heroes Park, Kamala outs herself as an Inhuman after interceding in an attack, and Tarleton and Rappaccini capture her as she attempts to escape. While being transported, Kamala learns that George is now an Inhuman himself, having developed technokinetic abilities and a disfigured cranium. Rather than take their offer of being "treated," Kamala escapes and makes her way to Utah, hoping to join the anti-AIM movement called the Resistance.

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  1. I Want To Be An Avenger!
  2. The Light that Failed
  3. New Normal
  4. The Road Back
  5. To Find Olympia
  6. One of Us
  7. Hello Old Friend
  8. Missing Links
  9. The HARM Room
  10. House Call
  11. Armor Chase
  12. Alone Against AIM
  13. The Dogs of War
  14. The Ant Hill (Part 1)
  15. Breakout
  16. The Ant Hill (Part 2)
  17. To Stand Alone
  18. Interrogation Anxiety
  19. Once an Avenger...
  20. Agony and the Ant Hill
  21. Testing 1... 2... 3...
  22. Final Preparations
  23. Mayhem Over Manhattan
  24. By Force of Mind