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SHIELD (short for Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division) is an allied faction in Marvel's Avengers. An espionage agency working for the United Nations of Earth, it was formerly directed by Nick Fury. After A-Day, SHIELD went underground and assets seized by AIM, though continued to operate under the command of Maria Hill. SHIELD has also manufactured various gear and technology for the Avengers, which has been engineered to increase defensive strength.


SHIELD was presumably founded at some point after World War II. Among its co-founders was Peggy Carter, an agent who worked alongside Captain America. By the 21st century, it was one of the most prominent intelligence agencies in the world and under the direction of Nick Fury. It was also in conflict with the terrorist cell Hydra.

Road to A-Day[]

Events of MA: Black Widow[]

At some point prior to Natasha Romanoff's defection, SHIELD apprehended her dancing teacher Iosif Stepanov for smuggling charges. This led the Russian spy to defect to the organization, hoping to free him from their confinements. To keep an eye on the Black Widow, Nick Fury assigned Tony Masters to train with and monitor her.

Unknown to all, Masters, having been discharged from active service for brutality and questionable methods, had become an agent for Hydra and organized a prison break. Though he planted evidence to implicate her, Black Widow was able to see through his ruse and revealed the truth to Fury. Though Masters managed to escape, her actions cemented her trust in the organization and Fury. In return, the Director released Stepanov and allowed her to place him in hiding.

Five years later, SHIELD had formed a partnership with the Avengers. In addition, Black Widow and fellow agent Clint Barton / Hawkeye had left the organization to join the team. At some point, Fury copied many of SHIELD's protocols and placed them in hidden vaults around the Earth, in case the organization was ever disbanded or forced underground. Many of these were located in the Russian tundra, the Pacific Northwest Wilderness and Utah Badlands. Fury also trusted the protocols with either agents Maria Hill or Dum Dum Dugan.

Events of MA: Iron Man[]

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Events of MA: Hulk[]

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Events of MA: Captain America[]

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Events of MA: The Extinction Key[]

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Events of Marvel's Avengers[]


It is unknown how much involvement SHIELD had with Avengers Day preparations, though it can be assumed they provided The Chimera helicarrier for the team. Nick Fury was also present during the event and was interviewed by Phil Sheldon for The Daily Bugle. Agent Sarah Garza was also presumably at the event.

When Taskmaster and his mercenaries attacked the Golden Gate Bridge, the Avengers contacted SHIELD to help deal with them. The organization also gave a report on equipment present, which had been stolen some time before the attack. Among these were Pulsar Tanks, jetpacks and presumably a Sonic Bomb.

After A-Day[]

Due to their association with the Avengers and the destruction of San Francisco, SHIELD became caught up in the investigations and regulation of the team. These eventually led to the organization going underground, with many of its governmental assets being seized by Advanced Idea Mechanics. Fury also disappeared shortly after the events, leaving Hill to take up the role of SHIELD's Director in his place.

After assuming the post, Maria organized The Chimera's remains to be transported to the Utah deserts. Agent Jimmy Woo took part in the operation. As they lost resources, SHIELD used The Chimera as a base of operations, with Agents being placed to ensure it remained untouched. However, they quickly abandoned it after learning that the Hulk was on route. After a hostile encounter, many of its members took residence in the Northwestern base SHIELD Substation Zero.

As the Avengers had disbanded after a failed defense of their actions, Hawkeye rejoined SHIELD to help combat AIM, with his protégé Kate Bishop also being recruited into their ranks. Together, they investigated the disappearance of Fury and its relation to an project. However, Barton disappeared whilst following a lead, straining Bishop's relationship with SHIELD.


After Hulk and Kamala Khan retrieved JARVIS from the Olympia Archive, Banner contacted SHIELD to ask whether they had a Neural Uplink to repair the War Table. Though tight on resources, Hill directed them instead to a SHIELD vault in the Russian Tundra. In addition to finding the needed component, Khan and Hulk discovered some protocols hidden by Fury and passed them to SHIELD. In gratitude, Agents Alisande Morales, Chastity McBryde and Sidney "Gaffer" Levine were sent as envoys for the reassembling Avengers, arriving shortly after Iron Man's return.

More SHIELD agents were also sent to help repair The Chimera. Some time after they finished, the organization helped the Avengers and the Resistance evacuate Black Mesa's Inhuman prisoners and taking Monica Rappaccini into custody. Other agents, such as Jimmy Woo, also transferred over to the helicarrier permanently. SHIELD agents also helped protect The Chimera when it was attacked by AIM. However, when a fight broke out between Hulk and Iron Man, many of the agents fled to avoid the fallout. However, many returned to help run the Avengers run it after they successfully broke into and Meridian to steal Pym Particles.

Reigning Supreme[]

After the Avengers defeated MODOK, Hill asked them to continue locating Fury's protocols. However, after discovering one set, Taskmaster, having been employed and allied himself with AIM, intercepted the transmission and stole the sent protocols. In a synchronized effort to stop him, SHIELD and the Avengers worked together to capture him and stop reclaim the protocols. Though they were able to stop Masters, the protocols were nearly transmitted, forcing Hill to destroy them in a last-minute attempt. After the fight, SHIELD took him into custody.

The Avengers would continue searching for SHIELD's protocols and retrieve them from other vaults, helping them rebuild. SHIELD also began working with the Resistance, helping rescue Inhumans and protecting them. Hill also assisted them in a coordinated attack on AIM's facilities. It is likely that SHIELD took Abomination into custody after Hulk and the Avengered defeated him.

Taking AIM[]

Some point, SHIELD discovered Tachyon Rifts were occurring around the globe. In response, Hill ordered Agents Morales and Levine to return to SHIELD Substation Zero and asked the Avengers to investigate. After uncovering Hawkeye's connection to the experiments, Kate Bishop organized an infiltration of one of AIM's facilities for SHIELD, performing the mission herself. Coincidently, the facility was also attacked by the Avengers, leading them to regain contact and join forces together.

Reuniting at Substation Zero, Kate provided Hill and the Avengers with her acquired intel and together worked to capture Getz. SHIELD later took the scientist into custody, holding him in their improvised cells. SHIELD also helped the Avengers construct a Time Gate to retrieve Hawkeye before he visited the Kree Timeline, with Agent Dugan helping retrieve Cavorite from one of Fury's secret caches. After successfully retrieving Barton, Bishop left SHIELD to join the Avengers.





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  • In Marvel Comics, S.H.I.E.L.D. first appeared in Strange Tales #135 (August, 1965). Short for "Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division", it is an espionage organization allied and controlled by the US government. S.H.I.E.L.D. often works to stop international threats, notably terrorist organizations such as A.I.M. and Hydra. Several superheroes, such as Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow and Hawkeye, have also worked for the agency, while it has often made strategic alliances with others. S.H.I.E.L.D. has also had multiple different designations attached to it, including "Supreme Headquarters, International Espionage and Law-Enforcement Division" and "Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate".

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