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Sidney "Gaffer" Levine is a faction vendor in Marvel's Avengers.


Sidney Levine joined SHIELD at some point before either A-Day or the reassembling of the Avengers. Like the organization, he went underground after A-Day, setting up at SHIELD Substation Zero.

Events of Marvel's Avengers[]


After Kamala Khan and Hulk obtained SHIELD Protocols from the Russian Tundra, Levine was sent by Maria Hill to act as an envoy for the Avengers. He, Alisande Morales and Chastity McBryde arrived on the Chimera shortly after Iron Man rebuilt his suit. Setting up within the hanger, Levine provided upgraded gear and artifacts for the team, many of which he created himself.

Taking AIM[]

When Tachyon Rifts began occurring throughout the world, Levine returned to SHIELD Substation Zero, though continued to provide the resources.