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To Stand Alone is a mission in the Reassemble campaign.


Fearing they'll be taken down somewhere they won't be found. Kamala heads for AIM's prison facility to free her fellow Inhumans.


Main: Infiltrate AIM prison.

  • Head for the AIM prison.
  • Sneak in through the back of the prison.
  • Defeat the guards.
  • Sneak through the maintenance corridors of AIM's prison.
  • Use the terminal to expose the lock mechanism.
  • Sneak through the malfunctioning drawers.
  • Continue down through the lower levels of AIM's prison.
  • Head for the prison cells to find Kamala.
  • Find away into Monica's Lab.
  • Take down the AIM prison guard.
  • Shoot the control units to unlock the door.
  • Enter Monica's lab through the office.
  • Use the terminal to recall the prison cell.
  • Defeat secondary AIM units.
  • Shoot the control units and punch the lock mechanisms to deactivate the gas.
  • Defeat secondary AIM units.
  • Head for the prison's security control room.
  • Use the security terminal to release AIM's prisoners.
  • Race for the elevator.
  • Defeat the Adaptoid.
  • Defeat AIM security.
  • Use the terminal to expose the lock mechanism.
  • Punch the lock mechanism.
  • Head for the hangar.
  • Defeats AIM's security force.
  • Use terminal to reveal lock mechanisms and control units for the gas.
  • Stop Monica.