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War for Wakanda is a post-launch operation for Marvel's Avengers. It introduced Black Panther as a playable character, Klaw as a villain, and a new playable region in the Wakandan Jungle. The operation was released on 17th August 2021.


After A-Day, King T'Challa of Wakanda closes the borders of Wakanda to the outside world, leaving the nation isolated once again. However, with the rise of A.I.M. and the reemergence of Ulysses Klaue, the Wakandan priest Zawavari wishes for T'Challa to reopen Wakanda, as Klaue and A.I.M. team up to get Vibranium, releasing strange, corrupted Vibranium around the world for five years. The only thing standing in their way is the Black Panther.

Sometimes after Captain America was found alive, and Avengers is re-assembled, some of Klaue's mercenaries bomb a Wakandan temple, only to be attacked by Black Panther. When one of the soldiers attempts to flee, he leads Black Panther to the rest of the soldiers, who Black Panther defeats. Black Panther finds plans for a sonic cannon, which Klaue intends to use to attack the city's shield. To reach the shield faster, Black Panther takes a shortcut through Birnin Zana, a temple where Black Panthers train that has been taken over by Klaue. However, he finds the entrance blocked by several spires of corrupted Vibranium. After destroying the spires, Black Panther enters Birnin Zana. After making his way through several challenges made to test future Black Panthers, Black Panther is attacked by several of A.I.M.'s Scout Crawlers. After defeating them, he exits Birnin Zana to find that Wakanda is under attack by A.I.M. and Klaue's forces, and his sister, Shuri, has called the Avengers for aid, when the team accidentally entered Wakanda while chasing one of A.I.M.’s choppers. Klaue is using the sonic cannon to fire on the shield. Upon reaching the cannon, Black Panther is attacked by Crossbones, who is working for Klaue. Black Panther defeats Crossbones, who flees, and destroys the sonic cannon.

Meanwhile, Captain America and Iron Man are saved from A.I.M. by the Dora Milajae, Wakanda's royal guard, and being led to the palace. The two are summoned to talk to king T'Challa in the throne room. After the discussion, the Avengers explore the palace and talk with several Wakandan officials, including Shuri, Zawavari, and Okoye, the captain of the Dora Milaje.


  1. The Way It Began...
  2. Birnin Zana
  3. World of Wakanda
  4. Lockdown
  5. Power Show
  6. Blood Feud
  7. The Sound and the Fury