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Watchdogs are a type of enemy. There are 3 sub-types of Watchdogs in game.


Some point after A-Day and the emergence of Inhumans, groups of people joined forces as a vigilante group intent on capturing them, convinced that they were dangerous. Calling themselves the Watchdogs, the group targeted both areas where Inhumans were reported, including the Utah Badlands and the Eastern Seaboard. At some point, the group became allied with Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM), capturing Inhumans for the organization's experiments.

Members of Watchdogs were confronted by Kamala Khan and Hulk as they searched for Initiator Cores in the Utah wilderness. This group were defeated after several fights. One of the Eastern Seaboard factions were also confronted by the Avengers while targeting Inhumans in Manhattan. Despite their defeats, the Watchdogs continued to help AIM in various operations, with some also being members of Taskmaster's mercenaries.


Title Codex Entry
Hellhound Dedicated to the eradication of Inhumans and other 'undesirables', the Watchdogs have been recruited by AIM for a variety of search and destroy missions. Armed with a devastating flame thrower, the Hellhound specializes in destruction of property. So, when AIM needs evidence destroyed, the Hellhound is hired to light some fires. He will just as happily turn his weapons against live targets - so keep at a distance if possible.
Shockmutt Hired mainly for riot control and heavy combat, the Shockmutt specializes in classic shock and awe tactics. He is very difficult to take down, and he will close distance with opponents when possible.
Skydog To support his ground based brothers, the Skydog utilizes a jetpack to attack from above and stay out of reach. Use heavy and special attacks to knock this dog out of the sky.


  • In Marvel Comics, the Watchdogs first appeared in Captain America #335 (November, 1987). A far right-wing terrorist organization that seeks to uphold "American Values", the group often targets businesses or people that do not abide by their beliefs. In recent years, the Watchdogs have been reimagined as an anti-superpower organization, targeting Mutants, Inhumans, and superheroes alike. They are frequently depicted as enemies of Captain America and US Agent.

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