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Yusuf Khan is a character in Marvel's Avengers. He is the father of Kamala Khan and Aamir Khan.


At some point, Yusuf married his wife. They had a son, who was named Aamir Khan, and later a daughter, who was named Kamala Khan. When the latter was born, Yusuf thought that her eyes were the most beautiful things he had ever seen. Together, he and his wife brought up their family in Jersey City.

Events of Marvel's Avengers[]


When Kamala's story was selected as a finalist for A-Day, Yusuf accompanied her to the event. After they arrived in San Francisco, he expressed confusion on the Golden Gate Bridge's name, given that it wasn't actually made of or painted gold. When she expressed her worries about losing the contest, Yusuf assured her that losing would only make her strive to do better and to she should be proud of who she is. Whilst Kamala explored the event and gathered comics to access the VIP balcony, he left to get ice cream.

After Kamala had collected all the comics, Yusuf met her at the entrance to the balcony. Together, they watched the Avengers make a presentation and the late arrival of Iron Man. After seeing explosions rocked the Golden Gate Bridge, Yusuf decided they should leave. However, when the Chimera took off when its security protocols were activated, he and Kamala were seperated. Yusuf found her shortly after she was exposed to Terrigen Mists and took her into the Quinjet for evacuation. As they left, Yusuf consoled Kamala.

After A-Day[]

After A-Day, Yusuf focused mainly on putting the events behind them, believing it would help Kamala. He also seemed to be aware of her Inhuman abilities, though told her to hide them out of fear of persecution by AIM. Yusuf also tried to get her involved in Islamic retreats.


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